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Lion's Daughter, The (Sludge Metal)


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Latest news: Tue, Sep 11 2018, THE LION'S DAUGHTER

Latest release: "Future Cult"

Release date: Fri, Jul 20 2018, US Fri, Jul 20 2018

THE LION'S DAUGHTER have announced a West Coast tour. The tour kicks off on October 5 in Dallas, and sees the band touring throughout California before concluding on October 19th. THE LION'S DAUGHTER will join forces with ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE across select dates. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

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05 Oct 18 Dallas, TX (US) Reno's Chop Shop *
06 Oct 18 El Paso, TX (US) Thunderbird *
07 Oct 18 Bisbee, AZ (US) The Quarry *
08 Oct 18 San Diego, CA (US) Space *
09 Oct 18 Fullerton, CA (US) Slidebar *
10 Oct 18 Los Angeles, CA (US) 5 Star Bar *
11 Oct 18 Fresno, CA (US) Full Circle Brewing *
12 Oct 18 Concord, CA (US) Red Hat *
13 Oct 18 Sacramento, CA (US) Blue Lamp
14 Oct 18 Chico, CA (US) The Maltese *
15 Oct 18 Eugene, OR (US) Lucky's *
16 Oct 18 Portland, OR (US) Tonic Lounge *
17 Oct 18 Boise,ID (US) The Shredder
18 Oct 18 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Funk 'n Dive Bar
19 Oct 18 Denver, CO (US) Mutiny Information Café

THE LION'S DAUGHTER are touring in support of their new album, 'Future Cult'. 'Future Cult' weaves tension, anger, violence and malevolence as THE LION'S DAUGHTER contemplate a new dawning for man in a post-apocalyptic world. The new God, the new animal, the new cult of desolation and terror; the new hopelessness. A suspenseful and horrific study in terror, 'Future Cult' is streaming here, and also available via Spotify, Apple Music, and much more!

The artwork and track list for 'Future Cult' can be found below.



  1. Future Cult
  2. Call the Midnight Animal
  3. Die into Us
  4. Suicide Market
  5. The Gown
  6. Grease Infant
  7. Galaxy Ripper
  8. Tragedy
  9. Girl Autopsy
  10. In the Flesh

'Future Cult' can be ordered in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

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The musical equivalent of what the most frightening, violent, and disturbing scenes from a good midnight movie might sound like. THE LION'S DAUGHTER from St. Louis, Missouri unleash a crushing assault of dense frying riffs, pummeling rhythms, pumping bass lines, and throat-shredding vocals supported by creepy synthesizers creating a seething intensity that borders on the frightful. Their third full length, 'Future Cult' is without doubt a fitting soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic hellscape that is to come.

THE LION'S DAUGHTERwas formed in 2007 by guitarist / vocalist Rick Giordano, drummer Erik Ramsier, and bassist / vocalist Scott Fogelbach. The band was originally conceived out of hatred for the insincere and uninspired fodder that was choking the mainstream metal scene. They take inspiration from all kinds of extreme metal’s subgenres but live by no musical limitations and are driven to please no audience but only themselves. THE LION'S DAUGHTER don't just play as if they want to see this world end, their sound implies that they want to be the ones to destroy it.

Since the band’s inception, THE LION'S DAUGHTER have built a reputation as a formidable live force, sharing stages with HIGH ON FIRE, PIG DESTROYER, BEHEMOTH, TORCHE, MISERY INDEX, NACHTMYSTIUM, DARK FUNERAL, and many others. True to their underground ethics, the musicians toured around the United States on the backs of several independent EP and split releases.

Back in 2016, 'Existence Is Horror' came with the expected anger and aggression and easily detectable undertones of early NEUROSIS. Yet something of the creeping mood and atmosphere that also reminds of groups like SKINNY PUPPY or even GOBLIN.

Let THE LION'S DAUGHTER guide you on an even darker musical ride through the mind with the 'Future Cult'!


Name Instrument
Rick Giordano Vocals, guitars
Erik Ramsier Drums
Scott Fogelbach Bass

Releases Season of Mist


Future Cult

General information
: Fri, Jul 20 2018
: Fri, Jul 20 2018
: Metal
: SOM475
: available


Existence Is Horror

General information
: Fri, Jan 08 2016
: Fri, Jan 08 2016
: American Metal
: SOM359
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Oct 05 2018 US Dallas, TX Reno's Chop Shop + Armed for Apocalypse
Sat, Oct 06 2018 US El Paso, TX Thunderbird + Armed for Apocalypse
Sun, Oct 07 2018 US Bisbee, AZ The Quarry + Armed for Apocalypse
Mon, Oct 08 2018 US San Diego, CA Space + Armed for Apocalypse
Tue, Oct 09 2018 US Fullerton, CA Slidebar + Armed for Apocalypse
Wed, Oct 10 2018 US Los Angeles, CA 5 Star Bar + Armed for Apocalypse
Thu, Oct 11 2018 US Fresno, CA Full Circle Brewing + Armed for Apocalypse
Fri, Oct 12 2018 US Concord, CA Red Hat + Armed for Apocalypse
Sat, Oct 13 2018 US Sacramento, CA Blue Lamp
Sun, Oct 14 2018 US Chico, CA The Maltese + Armed for Apocalypse
Mon, Oct 15 2018 US Eugene, OR Lucky's + Armed for Apocalypse
Tue, Oct 16 2018 US Portland, OR Tonic Lounge + Armed for Apocalypse
Wed, Oct 17 2018 US Boise,ID The Shredder
Thu, Oct 18 2018 US Salt Lake City, UT Funk 'n Dive Bar
Fri, Oct 19 2018 US Denver, CO Mutiny Information Café
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