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Mezzerschmitt (Industrial Black Metal)




Mezzerschmitt are a three-headed project formed by the elite of the Norwegian metal scene. "Weltherschaft", (titled "World Reign Observance" in the USA), can be considered the first act in a theatrical play. The album presents an imaginary world that is totally derived from freedom and spirituality.

Wed like to emphasize that, although its Mezzerschmitts goal to provoke, "Weltherrschaft" is NON POLITICAL. The album is against all forms of totalitarianism.

The Mezzerschmitt Empire - The consequence of control and observance: In the godless year of 2001 (Decembers grief) something wicked and disturbing came to life. It brought the ultimate hatred and anger into the light of this world of snakes, the result of observation and injustice.

(Mezzerschmitt: tomorrows dawn) Herr Schmitt, the creator of Mezzerschmitt and the dictator of the Empire has felt this injustice on his tired and scarred body. Herr Schmitt, wrongfully accused and sentenced, was derived from freedom !


Out of his bitter mind, arose the Empire Mezzerschmitt. An imaginary world where all is controlled by the iron hand, and the will of the Empire...dictating and supervising every aspect of being.

Existence? Only the terror of being, Only the crime of existing.

You cannot speak freely, you cannot think freely. In this future hope and freedom exist only as words themselves. We are all actors in this parallel world, we are all robots in this black-hearted slavery, we are all under the banner of the Mezzerschmitt Empire.

Von den Strahlen der Neuen Morgen verbrannt-Herr Schmitt



Name Instrument
Herr Schmitt vocals, bass and guitars
Hauptman Hammer drums
Oberleutnant LS keyboards

Releases Season of Mist


Seasons of Black – Black Metal Box

General information
: Tue, Sep 19 2006
: Black Metal
: SOM146
: US and Canada only



General information
: Mon, Oct 14 2002
: Industrial Black Metal
: SOM061
: available
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