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Old Dead Tree, The (Gothic Metal)




During the 2000s, THE OLD DEAD TREE has distinguished itself in the European metal scene by giving more than 150 concerts and releasing three albums based on a unique style, mixing extreme metal and dark rock-pop. All sublimated by the singular and versatile mastermind Manuel Munoz (ARKAN, MELTED SPACE).

The group was founded in 1997, but in 1999, when the band just released their first EP "The Blossom", drummer Frederic Guillemot passes away. The Shock deeply traumatized the other members which turned out to be the basis of the concept for their first full length album: "The Nameless Disease".

As soon as it was released in 2003, the immediate success of this acclaimed album allowed the band to hit the road with bands such as PARADISE LOST, OPETH and KATATONIA and introduced their music throughout Europe.

It was with this experience that THE OLD DEAD TREE entered the studio in the Spring of 2005 under the leadership of producer Andy Classen (KRISIUN, LEGION OF THE DAMNED) to give birth to their second full length "The Perpetual Motion", whose success caused THE OLD DEAD TREE to join the first part of the European tour of EPICA and allowed the group to give their first headlining shows after that.

In 2009, two years after the release of a third album "The Water Fields" and despite the success of the following tour (including performances at Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Wave Gotik Treffen) with DEAD SOUL TRIBE and SUBWAY TO SALLY, the band became too much of a burden for many members of the group; Manuel Munoz announced the end of THE OLD DEAD TREE, refusing to renew the line up once again.

In 2013 the band meets temporarily during a tour celebrating the 10 years of the album "The Nameless Disease".

With this final chapter, the band is closing their career by paying one last tribute to their long-lost friend, who disappeared 20 years ago. The End…Again.


Name Instrument
Manuel MUNOZ Vocals, Guitars
Gilles MOINET Guitars
Vincent DANHIER Bass
Foued MOUKID Drums

Releases Season of Mist


The End

General information
: Fri, Dec 06 2019
: Fri, Dec 06 2019
: Gothic Metal
: SOM365
: available


The Blossom

General information
: Mon, Mar 04 2013
: Tue, Jun 18 2013
: Gothic Metal
: SOM305
: available


The Water Fields

General information
: Mon, Sep 17 2007
: Gothic Metal
: SOM164
: available


The perpetual Motion

General information
: Mon, Aug 29 2005
: Gothic Metal
: SOM111
: available


The Nameless Disease

General information
: Mon, Mar 17 2003
: Gothic Metal
: SOM070
: available
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