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River Black (metal)



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RIVER BLACK is an emotional reaction; an answer to the call of today's heavy music. It is a creative process that journeys to the heart and soul; purging all the good, the bad and the ugly along the way.

RIVER BLACK was formed by guitarist John Adubato (ex BURNT BY THE SUN) and drummer Dave Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE, PUBLICIST UK, ex BURNT BY THE SUN / DISCORDANCE AXIS / HUMAN REMAINS /etc, ) after the dissolution of BURNT BY THE SUN. The duo felt the need to keep the spirit and energy behind that going, pushing it a darker and heavier direction than anything in their collective past,and enlisted bassist and long-time friend Brett Bamberger (REVOCATION, PUBLICIST UK, ex EAST OF THE WALL). The trio set on a course to obliterate what had come before, and the part-Hulk, part-Kong beast was alive.

Five years and a few names (Argonauts, The Glorious Gone) and singers (Dimitri Minakakis, Chris Alfano, Harrison Christie) later, RIVER BLACK has emerged with vocalist Mike Olender (ex BURNT BY THE SUN / FOR THE LOVE OF... / ENDEAVOR) stepping in to bellow the band into peak form, with music darker and heavier than anything in their collective past.

The material for a new full length has been completed and studio time has been booked at New Jersey’s Trax East studio (DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HATEBREED, DEADGUY, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) with producer Eric Rachel (SKIDROW, MUNICIPAL WASTE, GOD FORBID) starting in February. Expect an audio exorcism.


Name Instrument
Mike Olender vocals
John Adubato guitar
Brett Bamberger bass
Dave Witte drums
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