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Barishi (Gritty Progressive Metal)


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Latest news: Mon, Mar 27 2017, BARISHI

Latest release: "Blood from the Lion's Mouth"

Release date: Fri, Sep 16 2016, US Fri, Sep 16 2016

The gritty progressive metal band BARISHI have announced a series of new live dates in support of their latest release 'Blood from the Lion’s Mouth'. These new shows see BARISHI playing alongside Season of Mist label-mates REPLACIRE.

Following these shows, BARISHI will perform on the Waking Widows Fest 2017 (Vermont) on May 5th. A full list of confirmed live dates can be found below.

31 Mar 17 Stratton (VT) Grizzly's Nightclub
01 Apr 17 Boston (MA) O'Brien's Pub +Replacire
02 Apr 17 Greenfield (MA) The Arts Block +Replacire
03 Apr 17 Providence (RI) Dusk +Replacire
15 Apr 17 Warren (VT) Slidebrook Tavern
28 Apr 17 Portland (ME) SPACE Gallery
05 May 17 Winooski (VT) Waking Windows Fest 2017

BARISHI will be touring in support of their latest release 'Blood from the Lion’s Mouth'. Artwork and track list can be found below.



  1. Grave of the Creator
  2. Blood from the Lion's Mouth
  3. The Great Ennead
  4. Death Moves in Silence
  5. Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery
  6. Bonesetter
  7. The Deep
  8. The Spectral Order

'Blood from the Lion’s Mouth' can still be ordered from the Season of Mist shop.

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In a scene that has become largely repetitive, nostalgia driven, and prone to navel gazing, few bands stand out as breaking new ground. With their sophomore full-length 'Blood from the Lion's Mouth', BARISHI demonstrate that it is still possible to challenge the established formulas of the metal genre by recombining its musical DNA.

There is an undeniable progressive undertone in their modern approach to hard guitar based music, but at the same time, the Americans delve into the darker side of extreme sound that defies the happy fret-fingering all too often employed by their peers. This album will not give away its treasures at a superficial glance but demands to be given time to grow.

BARISHI were formed by guitarist Graham Brooks, bassist Jon Kelley, and drummer Dylan Blake in Southern Vermont in the spring of 2010. The US band originally performed as an instrumental trio throughout the east coast of the United States, which they relentlessly toured. Their unique style of gritty progressive metal was completed with the addition of vocalist Sascha Simms in 2012. This line-up recorded and released a self-titled and critically acclaimed debut album in 2013. 'Barishi' was backed by a US tour in support of guitarist Felix Martin.

BARISHI provide the listener with earth-shattering grooves and savage vocals born in the verdant mountains of Vermont. Prepare to be pounded on and thunderstruck with ecstatic metal from the ancient hills of New England.


Name Instrument
Sascha Simms Vocals
Graham Brooks Guitar
Jon Kelley Bass
Dylan Blake Drums

Releases Season of Mist


Blood from the Lion's Mouth

General information
: Fri, Sep 16 2016
: Fri, Sep 16 2016
: Dark Modern Metal
: SOM390
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Apr 28 2017 US Portland, ME SPACE Gallery
Fri, May 05 2017 US Winooski, VT Waking Windows Fest
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