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Warbeast (Thrash Metal)



The lone star is on fire! WARBEAST from Dallas, Texas return with their devastating second album "Destroy"! Led by former RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, WARBEAST's uncompromising brand of no-mercy Thrash Metal has steamrolled towns all over the world. Buzzing guitars and punishing blastbeats meshed with fierce vocal aggression conjure up the old school spirit in a perfect ritual. EXODUS and DESTRUCTION are just two audible sources of inspiration. Yet these Texans are driven far beyond nostalgic musing. Their furious speed is at least a notch above what was considered possible in the 80's. WARBEAST's technical abilities are equally reflecting the top of today's standards as does the massive and crisp production of "Destroy". This album was engineered by Stephen "The Big Fella" Berrigan in Phil Anselmo's Nodferatu's Lair Studios in Louisiana. The former PANTERA frontman did not only discovered this band, but also acted as producer and invited them to join as main support on his tour with DOWN in Europe last autumn. WARBEAST were formed in 2006 by Bruce Corbitt and count RIGOR MORTIS, GAMMACIDE and DEMONSEED among their sonic genealogy, the members have been respectively doling out crushing music for over two decades. In 2010 their full-length debut "Krush the Enemy" hit the world hard and reaped much acclaim around the globe. Building up to the release of "Destroy", two WARBEAST tracks "It" and "Birth of a Psycho" share a split with Anselmo's solo material entitled "War of the Gargantuas". This EP serves a prelude of the glory to come. Now WARBEAST are ready to challenge the champions of Thrash with the unleashed ferocity of "Destroy"!


Name Instrument
Bruce Corbitt Vocals
Scott Shelby Lead Guitar
Joe Gonzalez Drums
Bobby Tillotson Jr. Lead Guitar
Dre Karst Bass

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Apr 12 2013
: Thrash Metal
: SOM301
: available


War of the Gargantuas

General information
: Fri, Mar 15 2013
: Thrash Death Metal
: SOM297
: available




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