Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Demo submission guidelines – updated July 2012

DO NOT send demo by snail mail – only via Email, at

Please send one or two MP3's by email, along with a band picture, and a short band description.

Make sure that :

  • the files are not bigger than 10MB or the email will be rejected by the server.
  • you send only ONE email of this size.
  • you include a SHORT biography and a picture. We don't need to know how many times you changed members unless those persons are well known in the scene, so keep it short.


  • DO NOT SEND LINKS such as yousendit, myspace, soundcloud. They will not be streamed, nor downloaded. Send the MP3 as attachment!
  • DO NOT ZIP, RAR or ARCHIVES the files.
  • DO NOT SEND THEM BY POST – They probably will NEVER be opened.
  • DO NOT send emails such as 'reminders', 'Did you listen to my demo already cause I sent it 48 hours ago'.

WE WILL REPLY. Even if it is a standard email (or a contract offer, you never know!), you will definitely hear from us. It can take months, though. However, no use. However, do not take it bad if we don't reply personally - the sheer number of demos we are getting every day just makes it impossible! So don't take it the wrong way if our reply doesn't say what we liked or didn't like in your work. We just do not have the time. Thank you, and good luck!

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