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Latest release: "Psychogrotesque"

Release date: Mon, Nov 08 2010, US Tue, Nov 09 2010

MP3 - ABORYM - Psychogrotesque - VII

As previously announced, Italian electro / black metallers ABORYM's fifth album will be out on next November 9th.

On this new misdemeanour entitled "Psychogrotesque", the now-established three member line-up (Fabban on vocals, bass, synth; Hell:IO:Kabbalus on guitars and synths; Eithun G. Bard on drums) is joined by a number of special guests and friends: Richard K. Szabo of TWZ, an old acquaintance of ABORYM since the days of "With No Human Intervention"; Narchost (Malfeitor, Demon's Shade, Stormcrow); Pete Michael Kolstad Vegem (guitarist of Blood Tsunami and Mongo Ninja); Giulio Moschini (guitarist of Hour of Penance); bassist Emiliano Natali (Shoreborn); and Davide Tiso (talented musician and the mind behind Ephel Duath and Karyn Crisis Band).

The most sensational and unprecedented collaboration on this record, and probably the most sensational in ABORYM's entire career since 1993, is with Karyn Crisis. A historical shamanic singer of the legendary combo metal-hardcore crossover Crisis from New York, as well as pioneer of the female-fronted movement also involved in the past with Six Feet Under, Sigillum S, Voivod's vocalist and currently in the Karyn Crisis Band together with Davide Tiso, Karyn Crisis returns on the international extreme metal scene with ABORYM, through one of the most insane and violent performances of all time behind the microphone.

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