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Wed, May 16 2012: BLACK SHEEP WALL

Latest release: "No Matter where it Ends"

Release date: Fri, Mar 23 2012, US Tue, Jun 05 2012

MP3 - Black Sheep Wall - No Matter where it Ends - Liminality

Sludge metallers BLACK SHEEP WALLs new album "No Matter Where It Ends" will hit North American stores on June 5. The band just booked a new series of gigs, which you can check on their Facebook page.



  1. Agnostic Demon
  2. Liminality
  3. Vitruvian God
  4. Black Church
  5. Torrential
  6. Ambient Ambitions
  7. Cognitive Dissonance
  8. Personal Prophet
  9. Flesh Tomb

The song "Liminality" can be heard on Season of Mists Facebook Media Player.

"No Matter Where It Ends" is available on Season of Mists e-shop.

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