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Tue, Jun 05 2012: CARACH ANGREN

Latest release: "Where The Corpses Sink Forever"

Release date: Fri, May 18 2012, US Tue, Jun 05 2012

MP3 - CARACH ANGREN - Lingering In An Imprint Haunting

"Where The Corpses Sink Forever", Dutch Symphonic Black Metal act CARACH ANGREN's new album, is hitting North American stores today. You can listen to the song "Lingering in an Imprint Haunting" on the Media Player of Season of Mist's Facebook page.



  1. An Ominous Recording
  2. Lingering in an Imprint Haunting
  3. Bitte tötet mich
  4. The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist
  5. Sir John
  6. Spectral Infantry Battalions
  7. General Nightmare
  8. Little Hector what Have You Done?
  9. These Fields Are Lurking (Seven Pairs of Demon Eyes)

Watch the third and final webisode of the recording sessions on Season of Mist's YouTube channel Season of Mist's YouTube channel.

"Where The Corpses Sink Forever" is available on Season of Mist's e-shop as CD and LP + digital download card.

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