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Satan Claus' Christmas competition on Season of Mist's website is now over! Thanks to all contestants who participated and sent us their answers, but there could only be three winners a day...

Here is the list of all 24 questions featured in Season of Mist's 2010 Advent Calendar, with their respective answers and winners.

  • December 1st

    Question: Guitar hero ACE FREHLEY used to play in which famous rock band?

    Answer: KISS

    Winners: Attila Korsós, Juliana Andrade, Maciej Welzman

  • December 2nd

    Question: IMPERIUM DEKADENZ hail from which German region?

    Answer: Black Forest / Schwarzwald / Forêt Noire

    Winners: Jukka Pylkkänen, Joël Torre, Gwen Marie Brown

  • December 3rd

    Question: "The Swan Road" is the first album of DRUDKH to contain clear references to which kind of music?

    Answer: Folklore / Traditional / Folk

    Winners: Marcin Ratynski, Camille Bush, Yohan Le Matecat

  • December 4th

    Question: GENITORTURERS' bass player and husband of beautiful ringleader Gen is best known as the singer of which band?

    Answer: Morbid Angel

    Winners: Etienne Chelleri, Kristina Gržinič, Stephen P. Jobin

  • December 5th

    Question: ROTTING CHRIST recorded "AEALO" on which ancient holy Greek mountain?

    Answer: Mount Olympus

    Winners: Robert Rodrigues, Jessy Steiner, Florian Meyer

  • December 6th

    Question: "Option Paralysis" is THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's full length album number ... ?

    Answer: 4

    Winners: Allan Loftager, Colton Springborg, Sebastien Isenbart

  • December 7th

    Question: The enigmatic KLONE were founded in which French town?

    Answer: Poitiers

    Winners: Egils Deics, Zoïa Mathieu, Andres Medina

  • December 8th

    Question: For their single "Reaping Death" Black Metal shouting stars WATAIN received a golden disc in which country?

    Answer: Sweden

    Winners: Sébastien Salin, Niek Hoebers, Patricia Bourrel

  • December 9th

    Question: Which album was "Re-Traced" by progressive Death Metal heroes CYNIC?

    Answer: Traced in Air

    Winners: Natalia Tchoulaevski, Vincent Boulmer, Pål Lystrup

  • December 10th

    Question: In which year was DRUDKH's fourth masterpiece "Blood in Our Wells" originally released?

    Answer: 2006

    Winners: Franz Steinhuber, Boris Stamatov, Justin Davisson

  • December 11th

    Question: DRUDKH surprised their fans with "Songs of Grief and Solitude", because the album is ... ?

    Answer: acoustic

    Winners: Jan Zachrla, Caren Daniel, Michael Wachtel

  • December 12th

    Question: Those brutal Belgian assault troopers known as LENG TCH'E dub their musical style ... ?

    Answer: Razorgrind

    Winners: Brian Fults, Mads Gath, Paul Dugdale

  • December 13th

    Question: The rising black stars WATAIN started out in which Swedish city?

    Answer: Uppsala

    Winners: Aleksi Koivistoinen, Viktor Vangelov, Mitchell Goon

  • December 14th

    Question: With "Estrangement" Ukrainian patriots DRUDKH released their ... full-length album?

    Answer: 6th

    Winners: Olivier Samson, Erik Furlan, Clarke Read

  • December 15th

    Question: How many guitarists are playing in Dutch Death machine SEVERE TORTURE?

    Answer: 2

    Winners: Toni Kettunen, Evgeny Lev, Luis Simões

  • December 16th

    Question: The city that French Black Metal leaders OTARGOS emerge from is famous for which product?

    Answer: (Bordeaux) Wine

    Winners: Ilkka Lonnqvist, Adrien Gonnet, Zachary Hunter

  • December 17th

    Question: The name of Chilean post-doomsters MAR DE GRISES translates in English as...?

    Answer: Sea of Grays

    Winners: Rodrigo Marcus, Laura Fiori, Nuno Manuel Pedro

  • December 18th

    Question: DRUDKH's "Slavonic Chronicles" EP was only made available in which two ways?

    Answer: 3" CD (in "Handful of Stars" box set) and 10" vinyl

    Winners: Heikki Sääskilahti, Charlie Perez, José Miguel Sánchez

  • December 19th

    Question: What is the name of the album DRUDKH released on Season of Mist before "Handful of Stars"?

    Answer: "Microcosmos"

    Winners: Julien Laute, Paula Pedro, Jamie Bussian

  • December 20th

    Question: KYLESA brew up their unique mixture of Sludge, Psychedelic, Crust, Metal and more in Savannah, which lies in which US state?

    Answer: Georgia

    Winners: Fabien Torregrosa, Kjartan E. Hansen, Carlos López

  • December 21st

    Question: ATHEIST return with a mighty Technical Metal bang called "Jupiter" how many years after their third release "Elements"

    Answer: 17 years

    Winners: Lars Ekenryd, Alan Cantrell, Matt Vuckovich

  • December 22nd

    Question: Italian Black Industrial masters ABORYM give us pure madness with "Psychogrotesque", but their drummer is from which other country?

    Answer: (Bård "Faust" Eithun) from Norway

    Winners: Tue Larsson, Emmanuel Herrada, Rastislav Zalesak

  • December 23rd

    Question: ENGEL serve "Threnody" to those with fine taste for modern melodic Metal and from which famous rocking town are these Swedes coming from?

    Answer: Göteborg / Gothenburg

    Winners: Dominik Schneider, Valéry Souron, Tobias Lindberg

  • December 24th

    Question: Season of Mist based in Europe and the USA, but in which two cities?

    Answer: Marseilles & Philadelphia

    Winners: Ryan Boyce, Katarina Tribulova, Dennis Schilder

Don't worry if your name doesn't appear above, you will have other chances to win SOM prizes in forthcoming contests. We wish you all the best of luck in 2011!

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