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Tue, Jan 10 2012: XMAS COMPETITION

Satan Claus' Christmas competition on Season of Mist's website is now over! Thanks to all contestants who participated and sent us their answers, but there could only be so many winners a day...

Here is the list of all 31 questions featured in Season of Mist's 2011 December calendar, with their respective answers (correct alternatives were accepted too):

  • December 1st

    Question: Which musical award did SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY achieve to win twice in their home country?

    Answer: The Czech Grammy Award

  • December 2nd

    Question: "In Crisis" from DEFILED was produced by which legendary producer?"

    Answer: Bill Metoyer

  • December 3rd

    Question: The members of AVA INFERI are from which two countries?

    Answer: Portugal, Norway

  • December 4th

    Question: THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX singer Ruby Roque originates from which country?

    Answer: Portugal

  • December 5th

    Question: OMMATIDIA is partly the successor of which band?


  • December 6th

    Question: BENIGHTED have based the concept of "Asylum Cave" on which crime case?

    Answer: Joseph Fritzl

  • December 7th

    Question: Who is the mastermind behind OF LEGENDS?

    Answer: Luis Dubuc

  • December 8th

    Question: SEPTICFLESH recorded mixed and mastered "The Great Mass" in how many countries?

    Answer: 3 (Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden)

  • December 9th

    Question: On which day will the reissue of DESTRÔYER 666' "Cold Steel - For An Iron Age" be released?

    Answer: Today / 9th of December

  • December 10th

    Question: Which famous guest singer contributes to ARKAN's second album "Salam"?

    Answer: Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND)

  • December 11th

    Question: Scandinavian superstar Hans Erik Dyvik Husby is better known under his artist name... ?

    Answer: Hank von Hell / Helvete

  • December 12th

    Question: MORBID ANGEL's "Nevermore" single contains a remix by which Electro band?


  • December 13th

    Question: Which renowned tattoo artist created the cover of NECROPHAGIA's album "Deathtrip 69"?

    Answer: Jake Arnette

  • December 14th

    Question: ENDSTILLE's new vocalist was the singer of which German Black Metal cult act?

    Answer: NAGELFAR

  • December 15th

    Question: The brain behind the band NADER SADEK was born in which country?

    Answer: Egypt

  • December 16th

    Question: Name all members of DMTMC and one of their original bands:

    Answer: Hank von Helvete (TURBONEGRO), Anders Odden (CADAVER INC.), Audun Stengel (APOPTYGMA BERZERK.), Tim Skold (KMFDM, MARYLIN MANSON), David Husvik (EXTOL)

  • December 17th

    Question: The rising dark US star ELITIST hails from which city?

    Answer: Portland, Oregon

  • December 18th

    Question: Which famous producer refined the sound of FAIR TO MIDLAND's "Arrows & Anchors"

    Answer: Joe Barresi

  • December 19th

    Question: Which song was chosen for a video clip by MINUSHUMAN from their album "Bloodthrone"?

    Answer: "The Day We Died"

  • December 20th

    Question: "Until Fear No Longer Defines Us" is GHOST BRIGADE's album number?

    Answer: 3

  • December 21st

    Question: Who contributed additional lyrics and guest vocals to NIGHTBRINGER's acclaimed album "Hierophany of the Open Grave"?

    Answer: Ar-Ra'd al-Iblis

  • December 22nd

    Question: How many and which Robs are performing in US Thrash heroes GENERATION KILL?

    Answer: 2 - Rob Dukes & Rob Moschetti

  • December 23rd

    Question: Which other band is forming the line-up of OLD SILVER KEY?

    Answer: DRUDKH

  • December 24th

    Question: What is the largest item ever produced by Season of Mist for a release?

    Answer: The MORBID ANGEL "Illud Divinum Insanus" Wooden Triptych Box

  • December 25th

    Question: Out of how many people consists the band ARCKANUM?

    Answer: 1

  • December 26th

    Question: In which year did Norwegian Black Metal band TSJUDER split and when did they re-unite?

    Answer: 2006 - 2010

  • December 27th

    Question: ETERNAL GRAY were formed in which country?

    Answer: Israel

  • December 28th

    Question: What is the meaning of the Icelandic title "Svartir Sandar"?

    Answer: Black Sands

  • December 29th

    Question: How many double albums have ESOTERIC released on Season of Mist?

    Answer: 2

  • December 30th

    Question: Which two members form the core of CYNIC?

    Answer: Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert

  • December 31st

    Question: How does THY CATAFALQUE mastermind Tamás Katai tag his style?

    Answer: Avant-Garde Metal

The winners will be informed by email and their names will be posted on Season of Mist's Facebook page.

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