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Wed, Dec 11 2013: DESTRÖYER 666

Latest release: "Phoenix Rising [2012 reissue]"

Release date: Fri, Aug 24 2012, US Tue, Aug 28 2012

Australian black thrash battalion DESTRÖYER 666 has had their 2000 full length 'Phoenix Rising' regarded as one of the black metal genre's best records of all time by DECIBEL Magazine. The album appears in DECIBEL's new special issue focusing on the "Top 100 Black Metal Albums Of All Time".

About the album, DECIBEL Magazine commented: "The band's sophomore thunder slab, 'Phoenix Rising' is f*cking stuffed with fret-burning rippers. From the massive title track and crushing battle epic "I am the Wargod" to the vicious "Lone Wolf Winter" and Amon Amarth-ish "Ride the Solar Winds" K.K. (Warslut) and his [Y2K lineup] deliver nothing short of a black metal masterpiece."

The DECIBEL special issue can be purchased here.



  1. Rise of the Predator
  2. The Last Revelation
  3. Phoenix Rising
  4. I am the Wargod (ode to the battle slain)
  5. The Eternal Glory of War
  6. Lone Wolf Winter
  7. Ride the Solar Winds
  8. The Birth of Tragedy

DESTROYER 666 is currently writing material for a new full length album. 'Phoenix Rising' and the band's 'Cold Steel...For an Iron Age' were recently re-mastered and re-released with all new packaging. 'Phoenix Rising', and the rest of the band's Season of Mist releases are available on Season of Mist’s e-shop and streaming in full at Bandcamp.

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