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Thu, Sep 02 2010: BOX SET OF STARS

Latest release: "Handful of Stars"

Release date: Mon, Sep 20 2010, US Tue, Oct 12 2010

MP3 - DRUDKH - Handful of Stars - Towards the Light

You can now download a full song off DRUDKH's forthcoming eighth album, "Handful of Stars". Check out "Towards the Light" here!

On other news, the deluxe leather book edition of the album is now available for pre-order on Season of Mist's e-shop!


Here are the contents of this collector's item:

  • "Handful of Stars" in digipak format
  • "Slavonic Chronicles" 3" bonus CD, including two exclusive cover songs: "Indiánská Píseò Hrùzy" (MASTER'S HAMMER) and "Tam Gdzie Gaśnie Dzień" (SACRILEGIUM)
  • exclusive T-shirt
  • quill pen
  • writing ink

This lush leather book is strictly limited to 600 copies worldwide, so pre-order your copy NOW!

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