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Mon, Oct 17 2016: ESBEN AND THE WITCH

Latest release: "Older Terrors"

Release date: Fri, Nov 04 2016, US Fri, Nov 04 2016

ESBEN AND THE WITCH have revealed the third song taken from their forthcoming album 'Older Terrors'. The dark atmospheric rockers from the UK - but based in Germany's capital Berlin - will release their new full-length on November 4th.

The sublime atmospheric track "Marking the Heart of a Serpent" is exclusively streaming via the official media partners listed below.

Spark (CZ)
Rock Hard (DE)
Friedhof Magazine (ES)
Metalliluola (FI)
Horns-Up (FR)
Andfari (IS)
Ultraje (PT)
Antichrist Magazine (UA)
Clash (UK)
New Noise Magazine (US)

ESBEN AND THE WITCH comment : "For centuries the snake has captured our collective imagination. Our deepest fears, our darkest sins, immortalised. This is our serpent song, a talisman and the third chapter taken from Older Terrors. We wanted the music to envelop the listener, a trance like journey from the soothing to the savage. A charm for the snake we all wrestle with, to coax and calm and find out where its open jaws lead."



  1. Sylvan
  2. Marking the Heart of a Serpent
  3. The Wolf's Sun
  4. The Reverist


Rachel Davies: vocals, bass
Thomas Fisher: guitar
Daniel Copeman: drums, synths

'Older Terrors' can be pre-ordered on the Season of Mist shop

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