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Thu, Jul 01 2010: HIRAX

Latest release: "Noise Chaos War"

Release date: Mon, Jun 28 2010, US Tue, Jun 29 2010

MP3 - HIRAX - Noise Chaos War - Walk With Death (re-recorded)

Californian thrashers HIRAX' new release is out now! Watch the video trailer for this compilation of three thrashing EP's, re-mastered & re-mixed and available on CD for the first time!



    Barrage of Noise

  1. Murder One
  2. Barrage of Noise
  3. Walk With Death
  4. Broken Neck
  5. Jade
  6. Mouth Sewn Shut
  7. Beyond the Church
  8. French Pearl
  9. Chaos and Brutality

  10. Chaos and Brutality
  11. Walk With Death (re-recorded)
  12. 100,000 Strong
  13. Lucifer's Infierno (reprise)
  14. Assassins of War

  15. Lucifer's Infierno
  16. Summon the Death Dealers
  17. City of the Dead
  18. Invasion
  19. Assassins of War
  20. Bombs of Death (live video)

Watch the trailer on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or Vimeo.

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