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Tue, Jan 22 2013: KOLDBRANN

Latest release: "Vertigo"

Release date: Fri, Jan 25 2013, US Tue, Jan 22 2013

Black Metal threat KOLDBRANN are streaming “Drammen”, a song from their new album 'Vertigo', at Hails and 'Vertigo' is out now in North America and will be streamed in its entirety on Hails and Horns within a couple hours so you should definitely check the page again later today!

KOLDBRANN have been spearheading the Norwegian underground black metal scene since their founding in 2001. Together with compatriots such as 1349, URGEHAL and others, the band remained true to the early spirit of the genre. Their brand new full-length 'Vertigo' sees KOLDBRANN drawing deep from their cold, raw black roots, while simultaneously exploring new, vintage sonic territory.

On the album, the band states: "While KOLDBRANN has always paid tribute to the early pioneers of Nordic Black Metal, the band has throughout its existence strived to retain a distinct identity. Spending our formative years in relative isolation in Drammen, away from the interference of any metal scene, we learnt to do things our own way from the get-go. In that respect, our third album, ‘Vertigo’, represents a brand new chapter in the band’s history. While retaining a substantial share of uncanny groove, the album also explores more doom-ridden, and progressive soundscapes than on our earlier works. It still sounds very much like KOLDBRANN, but with a fuller, more complete flavor. Rest assured: Never have we put so much work and personal investments into an album. Never have we gone to greater lengths to chisel out each composition to suit our aural visions. It has been a long and winding road, and countless hours of tribulation. But that is now of the past. ‘Vertigo’ is here!"

‘Vertigo’ can be ordered at the Season of Mist e-shop. The album is available in CD format and a gatefold double LP on black and transparent red vinyl.



  1. IntroVertigo
  2. Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott
  3. Hjertets Holodomor
  4. Drammen
  5. Stolichnaya Smert
  6. Terminal Transnistrii
  7. Phantom Kosmonaut
  8. Goat Lodge
  9. I Eklipsens Skimmer
  10. Sans Soleil
  11. Inertia Corridors

KOLDBRANN recently released ‘Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott’, a 7” single strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, with an exclusive B side entitled “Kasjtjeijs Svøpe”. This vinyl edition is already sold-out but the single is available digitally! A music video for “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”, directed by Effektor and featuring guest vocals by Erlend Hjelvik from KVELERTAK can be viewed on Season of Mist's YouTube channel.

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