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Latest news: Thu, Aug 10 2017

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: ÁRSTÍÐIR

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of ÁRSTÍÐIR. The eclectic Icelandic independent / folk rock act will release their much-anticipated next album through Season of Mist in 2018.


The band comments: "We have admired bands associated with Season of Mist for years. In our minds, this label represents quality and artistic integrity. It has that aura which tells you that it is all about the music, that the bands are the real deal, and not just grist to the grinding mill of commercial music. And that is the kind of label, you want your music on. We feel a kinship with the good people and artists at Season of Mist, and we are proud be a part of this family."


Join ÁRSTÍÐIR on their official Facebook page!

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: IMPUREZA

Upcoming release: "La Caída De Tonatiuh"

Release date: Fri, Nov 10 2017, US Fri, Nov 10 2017

IMPUREZA are unveiling the first mind-blowing track taken from their forthcoming album, 'La Caída de Tonatiuh', which has been scheduled for release on November 10th. The song "Leyenda Negra" is now exclusively being streamed by the official media partners listed below.

Metal-Roos (AU)
Spark (CZ)
Power of Metal (DK)
Friedhof (ES)
Radio Metal (FR)
Rock Overdose (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Rock Hard (IT)
Lords of Metal (NL)
Kvlt (PL)
Ultraje (PT)
Metalfan (RO)
Antichrist Magazine (UA)
Invisible Oranges (US)

IMPUREZA comment: "'They tell me I'm a heretic, that I'm an imprecator. Glory, glory, glory to the martyr!' We are very pleased to introduce you to 'Leyenda Negra', an extract from our upcoming album 'La Caída de Tonatiuh'. As the Spanish 'conquistadors', we will make you discover our Hispanic universe and will drive you in a full Spanish conquest through our unprecedented musical concept which is 'La Caída de Tonatiuh'!"

IMPUREZA are furthermore releasing the artwork of 'La Caída de Tonatiuh' (created by Johann Bodin), which can be viewed together with the track-list below.



  1. Lamentos De Un Condenado
  2. Sangre Para Los Dioses
  3. Otumba, 1520
  4. El Dorado
  5. Abre-Aguas (En la Tormenta de Tlaloc)
  6. Leyenda Negra
  7. Corazón Al Cielo (Homenaje A Paco De Lucía)
  8. Camino Hacia Mictlán
  9. El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados
  10. Ultimo Día Del Omeyocán
  11. La Caída De Tonatiuh
  12. La Llegada De Los Teules

'La Caída De Tonatiuh' can now be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: COMPLETE FAILURE

Upcoming release: "Crossburner"

Release date: Fri, Oct 27 2017, US Fri, Oct 27 2017

COMPLETE FAILURE are unveiling the first crushing track taken from their forthcoming album, 'Crossburner', which has been scheduled for release on October 27th. The song "I Am The Gun" is exclusively streaming via Lambgoat at the link below.

Listen to "I Am The Gun" here

Below you can view the cover artwork and the track list for 'Crossburner', which has been created by vocalist Joe Mack.



  1. Schadenfreude
  2. Bimoral Narcotic
  3. Man-made Maker
  4. Suicide Screed of Total Invincibility
  5. I Am the Gun
  6. Rat Heart
  7. Curse of Birth
  8. Demise of the Underdog
  9. Fist First, Second to None
  10. Flight of the Head Case
  11. Soft White and Paid For
  12. Oath of Unbecoming
  13. Misuse Abuse Reuse
  14. A List with Names on It

'Crossburner' can now be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: CANNABIS CORPSE

Upcoming release: "Left Hand Pass"

Release date: Fri, Sep 08 2017, US Fri, Sep 08 2017

CANNABIS CORPSE guitar player Ray Suhy, is now streaming a new play-through video of the new CANNABIS CORPSE track 'Chronic Breed' from their upcoming release 'Left Hand Pass'. The video is streaming exclusively at Guitar World at the link below.

Watch the play-through for 'Chronic Breed' here.

Regarding the play-through, Suhy comments: "I'm stoked to be premiering the play-through of "Chronic Breed" on Guitar World! This was the last and definitely most challenging song I tracked for "Left Hand Pass". It's one of my favorites and encapsulates a lot of of what we were going for musically on this record. It's got melodic tremolo picked parts, heavy riffs, dissonant passages that help build tension and one of my favorite solos on the record. I had the main riff of the song for a while and was psyched to find a home for it. The riff is built off a melodic minor #4 scale (I've also heard this called Lydian b3 which is mode of the harmonic major scale). The rest of the song is built off of diminished and chromatic ideas. For the solo, I wanted to go between some different scales and use different techniques to create some contrast. The riff is ambiguous harmonically so it led to switching between dorian, dimished and aeolian ideas. Thanks for checking out this play-through and come catch us in October on our U.S. tour with Soulfly!"

'Chronic Breed' appears on the forthcoming new CANNABIS CORPSE' album 'Left Hand Pass'. Artwork and track list can be found below.



  1. The 420th Crusade
  2. In Dank Purity
  3. Final Exhalation
  4. Chronic Breed
  5. In Battle There Is No Pot
  6. Grass Obliteration
  7. Left Hand Pass
  8. Effigy of the Forgetful
  9. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water
  10. The Fiends that Come to Steal the Weed of the Deceased

In further news, CANNABS CORPSE have also announced new North American tour dates as main support of NAILBOMB (Point Blank with SOULFLY). The tour will kick off in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 1st. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.


01 Oct 17 Omaha, NE (US) Lookout Lounge
03 Oct 17 Oklahoma City, OK (US) Thunder Alley
04 Oct 17 Albuquerque, NM (US) The Jam Spot
05 Oct 17 Scottsdale, AZ (US) Pub Rock Live

06 Oct 17 San Diego, CA (US) Brick By Brick
07 Oct 17 Los Angeles, CA (US) Whiskey A Go Go
08 Oct 17 San Francisco, CA (US) DNA Lounge
09 Oct 17 Portland, OR (US) Dante's
10 Oct 17 Seattle, WA (US) Studio Seven
11 Oct 17 Idaho Falls, ID (US) Diamondz Event Center 9
12 Oct 17 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Metro Music Hall
13 Oct 17 Denver, CO (US) Marquis Theatre
14 Oct 17 Kansas City, MO (US) Riot Room
15 Oct 17 Indianapolis, IN (US) Deluxe
16 Oct 17 Joliet, IL (US) The Forge
17 Oct 17 Cleveland, OH (US) Agora Ballroom
18 Oct 17 Detroit, MI (US) Token Lounge
19 Oct 17 Toronto, ON (CA) Opera House
20 Oct 17 Montreal, QC (CA) Foufoune Electrique
21 Oct 17 Boston, MA (US) Brighton Music Hall
22 Oct 17 New York, NY (US) Gramercy Theatre
23 Oct 17 Philadelphia, PA (US) Voltage Lounge
24 Oct 17 Richmond, VA (US) Broadberry
25 Oct 17 Lynchburg, VA (US) Phase 2
26 Oct 17 Baltimore, MD (US) Baltimore Soundstage

'Left Hand Pass' can still be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

Join CANNABIS CORPSE on their official Facebook page!

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: GORGUTS

Latest release: "Pleiades' Dust"

Release date: Fri, May 13 2016, US Fri, May 13 2016

In support of their latest release 'Pleiades' Dust', GORGUTS kicked off their European summer dates at the Brutal Assault Festival in Jaromer, Czech Republic yesterday. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.

The Canadian death metal pioneers will also perform at Belgiums Ieper Festival, Vagos Metal Fest in Portugal, and Germany's Summerbreeze before embarking on four special package shows, which are featuring GORGUTS alongside FALLUJAH, HAVOK, REVOCATION, and opener VENOM PRISON.


After these special dates, the rampage continues with a regular tour in support of CONVERGE together with HAVOC and REVOCATION.


GORGUTS Festivals
09 Aug 17 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault
11 Aug 17 Ieper (BE) Ieper Festival
13 Aug 17 Vagos (PT) Vagos Metal Fest
18 Aug 17 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summer Breeze

14 Aug 17 Wiesbaden (DE) Schlachthof
15 Aug 17 Leipzig (DE) Naumanns (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)
16 Aug 17 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)
17 Aug 17 Oberhausen (DE) Kulttempel (Fallujah, Revocation, Havok, Venom Prison)

20 Aug 17 Wrocław (PL) Zaklęte Rewiry
21 Aug 17 Bratislava (SK) Majestic Music Club
22 Aug 17 Wien (AT) Arena
23 Aug 17 München (DE) Backstage Halle
24 Aug 17 Aarau (CH) Kiff
25 Aug 17 Paris (FR) Trabendo

GORGUTS are touring in support of their latest release 'Pleiades' Dust'. Track list and artwork can be found below.



  1. Pleiades' Dust

'Pleiades' Dust' can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

Join GORGUTS on their official Facebook page!

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Thu, Aug 10 2017: SAINT VITUS

Latest release: "Live Vol. 2"

Release date: Fri, Sep 23 2016, US Fri, Sep 23 2016

SAINT VITUS have announced a new string of European dates for the coming autumn in support of their latest release 'Live Vol. 2'. The godfathers of American doom metal will be joined by MOS GENERATOR for all headlining shows and they will also perform at several festivals on this trip. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.


01 Oct 17 London (UK) Underworld
02 Oct 17 Coventry (UK) Phoenix
03 Oct 17 Glasgow (UK) Audio
04 Oct 17 Manchester (UK) Rebellion
09 Oct 17 Wien (AT) Viper Room
10 Oct 17 Bologna (IT) Freakout Club
11 Oct 17 Roma (IT) Traffic Live
12 Oct 17 Mezaggo (IT) Bloom
17 Oct 17 Frankfurt (DE) Zoom
19 Oct 17 Chemnitz (DE) Talschock
23 Oct 17 Berlin (DE) Lido

SAINT VITUS festivals
08 Sep 17 Torcy (FR) Fall of Summer
30 Sep 17 Sheffield (UK) Academy (HRH Doom & Stoner)
07 Oct 17 Pratteln (CH) Z7 (Up in Smoke Festival 2017)
08 Oct 17 Athens (GR) Lera Odos (Desertfest 2017)
14 Oct 17 Helsinki (FI) Korjaamo (Blowup Vol. 3)
15 Oct 17 Antwerpen (BE) Trix (Desertfest 2017)
20 Oct 17 Leeuwarden (NL) Neushoorn (Into the Void Festival)
22 Oct 17 München (DE) Feierwerk (Keep It Low Festival)

SAINT VITUS' latest release is the second live album of their long running career, which is quite aptly entitled 'Live Vol. 2'. Artwork and track-list can be viewed below.



  1. War Is Our Destiny
  2. Look Behind You
  3. Let Them Fall
  4. The Bleeding Ground
  5. Patra (Petra)
  6. The Troll
  7. The Waste Of Time
  8. White Stallions
  9. Thirsty And Miserable
  10. Dying Inside
  11. Born Too Late

'Live Vol. 2' can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

Join SAINT VITUS on their official Facebook page!

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