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Latest news: Thu, Dec 18 2014

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Thu, Dec 18 2014: BENIGHTED

Upcoming release: "Brutalive The Sick"

Release date: Mon, Feb 23 2015, US Tue, Feb 24 2015

BENIGHTED are now unveiling the cover artwork and also premiering the first new song taken from their forthcoming live album and DVD 'Brutalive The Sick'. "Let the Blood Spill between My Broken Teeth" is exclusively streaming via these official media partners:

Metal Obsession (AU) (DE)
Rockzone (ES)
Thrashocore (FR)
Rocking (GR)
Metal Wani (IN)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Metal Hammer (UK)

BENIGHTED have previously released a teaser clip which can be viewed here.

BENIGHTED commented: "We are happy to announce that for the celebration of our 15th anniversary our first live album 'Brutalive The Sick' will be out soon. The show was recorded at Sylak Open Air 2014 in France. These 13 tracks represent our unleashed fury on stage whipped up by an amazing crowd. We hope this makes for a suitably brutal and insane birthday gift for all of you!"


Pre-sale for 'Brutalive The Sick' has already started. For customers ordering the CD + DVD Digipak before 1st of January (or as long as stocks last), Season of Mist is adding a free BENIGHTED beanie to the package via our shop.

Artwork and tracklist of 'Brutalive The Sick' are shown below.



  1. X2Y
  2. Noise
  3. Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth
  4. Collapse
  5. Experience Your Flesh
  6. Carnivore Sublime
  7. Prey
  8. Grind Wit
  9. Fritzl
  10. Collection Of Dead Portraits
  11. Slaughter Suicide
  12. Slut
  13. Asylum Cave
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Thu, Dec 18 2014: SEPTICFLESH

Latest release: "Titan"

Release date: Fri, Jun 20 2014

SEPTICFLESH are announcing their new drummer after recently parting ways with long-time percussionist Fotis Benardo. The new man on the sticks is now revealed to be Kerim "Krimh" Lechner.

The Austrian drummer has already gained a strong reputation for his amazing work with DECAPITATED (2009 - 2012). Before playing with the Polish death metal act he was part of the symphonic black metal band THORNS OF IVY (2006 - 2009). Furthermore Lechner released a solo album entitled 'Explore' in 2013 and helped BEHEMOTH out on tour, while regular drummer Zbigniew Robert Promiński underwent surgery.


SEPTICFLESH comment: "We welcome Kerim Lechner to our ranks! We are excited to start a new chapter with him and look forward to get back on the road!"

Kerim adds: "I feel very honoured to join such a great band, which has been one of my favourites for years. SEPTICFLESH's music is outstanding and unique. It is melodic and heavy but with a groove. This is exactly how I like it! I cannot wait to start a new chapter with the band and see you on the road!"

SEPTICFLESH have published a play-through link as a demonstration of the outstanding talent and skill of their new drummer, which can be viewed here.

The Greek giants of dark symphonic metal continue touring in support of their latest stunning full-length "Titan", which was released last June. The album is available in various formats via the Season of Mist shop.



  1. War In Heaven
  2. Burn
  3. Order Of Dracul
  4. Prototype
  5. Dogma
  6. Prometheus
  7. Titan
  8. Confessions Of A Serial Killer
  9. Ground Zero
  10. The First Immortal
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Upcoming release: "Stellar"

Release date: Mon, Mar 23 2015, US Tue, Mar 24 2015

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT have announced a string of European dates in March and April 2015 in support of their forthcoming new album 'Stellar, scheduled for release on March 23rd (one day later in North America). Furthermore the band has also added new festival appearances. A full list of confirmed shows can be viewed below.

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT will be joined by compatriot sludge and post-metal outfit DOWNFALL OF GAIA. The tour will start in Germany at Berlin's Binuu on the 19th of March and continues through nine other countries before the grand finale at Juha West in Stuttgart back in Germany.


19 Mar 15 Berlin (DE) Bi Nuu
20 Mar 15 München (DE) Feierwerk
21 Mar 15 Osnabrück (DE) Bastard Club
22 Mar 15 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
24 Mar 15 Oslo (NO) Blå
25 Mar 15 Lyngby (DK) Templet
26 Mar 15 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
27 Mar 15 Köln (DE) MTC
28 Mar 15 Antwerp (BE) Kavka
29 Mar 15 Birmingham (UK) The Rainbow
30 Mar 15 Manchester (UK) Roadhouse
31 Mar 15 London (UK) Our Black Heart
01 Apr 15 Paris (FR) Covent Garden
03 Apr 15 Madrid (ES) Sala Barracudas
04 Apr 15 Barcelona (ES) Sala Begood
05 Apr 15 Luynes (FR) Le Korigan
06 Apr 15 Chambéry (FR) Le Brin de Zinc
07 Apr 15 Milano (IT) Lo Fi Club
08 Apr 15 Wien (AT) Arena
09 Apr 15 Stuttgart (DE) Juha West

Festival shows

10 Apr 15 Tilburg (NL) Roadburn Festival
11 Apr 15 Lichtenfels (DE) Ragnarök Festival
19 Jun 15 Dessel (BE) Graspop Metal Meeting
20 Jun 15 Clisson (FR) Hellfest
12 Jul 15 Kärnten (AT) Eine in Teich Open Air

The band comments: "We're very excited to announce our first extensive European tour in support of our new album 'Stellar' together with our German fellows DOWNFALL OF GAIA", write DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT. "We will visit new territories where we have never toured before and cannot wait to finally play our new songs live on stage. See you on the road!"

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT have previously revealed a second glimpse of their work on 'Stellar'. Footage of the guitar recording can be seen here. The German black metal progenies also presented a teaser clip for the drum tracking, which is still available to be viewed there.

The German black metal act has been called " of the best up-and-coming bands in the black metal scene today." by Sputnik and "...the future of German Extreme-Metal" by KREATOR's Mille Petrozza (Spiegel Online), have also released a studio re-recording of a song taken from their previous EP 'Agonie'. A video clip of the track "Der stille Fluss" is streaming here.

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Thu, Dec 18 2014: FLOOR

Latest release: "Oblation"

Release date: Fri, Apr 25 2014, US Tue, Apr 29 2014

FLOOR have announced a string of European tour dates in April 2015. The revived stoner rock act will kick off their road trip at the renowned Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands at the O13 on April 9th, 2015. One day later the Americans will be joined by their compatriots MINSK. A list of all confirmed dates can be viewed below.

The critically acclaimed Miami trio FLOOR featuring Steve Brooks (also of TORCHE), Anthony Vialon, and Henry Wilson) has long been waiting to finally tour Europe and are excited about this chance to meet you all on the road.


09 Apr 15 Tilburg (NL) O13 (Roadburn Festival)
10 Apr 15 Leipzig (DE) Doom Over Leipzig (+Minsk)
11 Apr 15 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang (+Minsk)
12 Apr 15 Berlin (DE) Cassiopeia (+Minsk)
13 Apr 15 Warszawa (PL) Hydrozagadka (+Minsk)
14 Apr 15 Praha (CZ) 007 (+Minsk)
15 Apr 15 Innsbruck (AT) p/m/k/ (+Minsk)
16 Apr 15 München (DE) Feierwerk (+Minsk)
17 Apr 15 Bologna (IT) Freakout (+Minsk)
18 Apr 15 Milano (IT) Lo Fi Club (SoloMacello Fest)
20 Apr 15 Paris (FR) Espace B (+Minsk)
21 Apr 15 Nantes (FR) La Scene Michelet (+Minsk)
22 Apr 15 Lille (FR) La Peniche (+Minsk)
23 Apr 15 Dortmund (DE) FZW (+Minsk)
24 Apr 15 London (UK) The Electric Ballroom (Desertfest)
25 Apr 15 Antwerpen (BE) Kavka (+Minsk)

FLOOR will tour in support of their current album 'Oblation', which was released April 25th of 2014. 'Oblation' is still available in various formats through the Season of Mist shop and is streaming in full here. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below:



  1. Oblation
  2. Rocinante
  3. Trick Scene
  4. Find Away
  5. The Key
  6. New Man
  7. Sister Sophia
  8. The Quill
  9. Love Comes Crushing
  10. War Party
  11. Homegoings And Transitions
  12. Sign Of Aeth
  13. Raised To A Star
  14. Forever Still
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Thu, Dec 18 2014: DEFILED

Latest release: "In Crisis"

Release date: Mon, Jan 17 2011, US Tue, Jan 25 2011

MP3 - DEFILED – In Crisis - Retrogression

DEFILED have announced a string of shows in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and China throughout January 2015. The samurai of death metal will kick off their onslaught with two shows in Nepal including the newly conceived Nepal Death Fest in Kathmandu on January 9th. A list of all confirmed dates can be viewed below.

DEFILED will followed their Nepal shows with four concerts in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata) before the Japanese will visit their followers in Bangladesh and China.


08 Jan 15 Pokhara (NP) New Fewa Hardrock Restaurant
09 Jan 15 Kathmandu (NP) Kastmandap Hall (Nepal Death Fest)
10 Jan 15 Bangalore (IN) No Limits
11 Jan 15 Mumbai (IN) Crazy Blue
12 Jan 15 Pune (IN) Tarawade Clarks Inn
13 Jan 15 Kolkata (IN) Sujata Sadan
14 Jan 15 Dhaka (BD) National Library Auditorium
15 Jan 15 Kunming (CN) Pro Livehouse


DEFILED comment: "We are very excited to announce these shows in great countries, especially as we play for the first time in most of them. We are very much looking forward to meet you all there!"


DEFILED will tour in support of their latest album 'IN CRISIS', which is still available via the Season of Mist shop and streaming in full here.



  1. From Alpha
  2. Lethal Agitator
  3. Retrogression
  4. Unconscious Slavery
  5. Paradoxical Chaos
  6. In Crisis
  7. Behind You Pray
  8. Resentment Without End
  9. Intolerant
  10. Maze of Nescience
  11. Revelation of Doom
  12. To Omega
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Thu, Dec 18 2014: EXIVIOUS

Latest release: "Liminal"

Release date: Fri, Nov 08 2013, US Tue, Nov 12 2013

Dutch progressive quartet EXIVIOUS have released a new playthrough video featuring bassist Robin Zielhorst for the song "Time and Its Changes" taken from their self-titled debut album. The clip can be viewed here.

EXIVIOUS operate in a space where metal meets jazz-fusion and post-rock. The band blends a wide variety of musical genres into a coherent, unified sound that’s driven by a penchant for lush soundscapes, technical precision, and sporadic time signatures. EXIVIOUS have toured Europe extensively, playing shows alongside bands such as OBSCURA, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and GOROD.

EXIVIOUS will continue to play in support of their critically-acclaimed album 'Liminal', which is available for purchase at the Season of Mist shop. More shows will be announced in due time. Artwork and tracklist of 'Liminal' are shown below.



  1. Entrust
  2. One's Glow
  3. Alphaform
  4. Deeply Woven
  5. Triguna
  6. Movement
  7. Open
  8. Immanent
  • 14-10-necrophagia-vertical
  • 14-10-beyond-creation-vertical
  • 14-10-obsidian-kingdom-vertical
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