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Latest news: Thu, May 19 2016

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Thu, May 19 2016: INQUISITION

Upcoming release: "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith"

Release date: Fri, Aug 26 2016, US Fri, Aug 26 2016

INQUISITION are unleashing the first track of their forthcoming album 'Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith' (out August 26th), which can now be pre-ordered here. The song "Wings of Anu" is exclusively streaming via the official premiere partners listed below.

Metal Obsession (AU)
Rock Hard (DE)
Rockzone (ES)
Inferno (FI)
VS-Webzine (FR)
Rocking (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Lords of Metal (NL)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Loud (PT)
Metal Hammer (UK)

Regarding "Wings of Anu", Frontman Dagon comments on behalf of the duo: "He is the god of all stars, creator of all gods and ruler of all heavens. His wings have extended to earth in the form of wings in flying motion visiting us since we were the seeds of his creation. The wings are many and they watch upon us in silence from the skies that connect through portals of time."

Furthermore INQUISITION have revealed artwork and tracklist, which can be viewed below.



  1. Intro: The Force Before Darkness
  2. From Chaos They Came
  3. Wings Of Anu
  4. Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne Of Storms
  5. A Black Aeon Shall Cleanse
  6. The Flames Of Infinite Blackness Before Creation
  7. Mystical Blood
  8. Through The Divine Spirit Of Satan A Glorious Universe Is Known
  9. Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith
  10. Power From The Center Of The Cosmic Black Spiral
  11. A Magnificent Crypt Of Stars
  12. Outro: The Invocation Of The Absolute, The All, The Satan
  13. Coda: Hymn To The Cosmic Zenith

'Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith' was recorded at the legendary London Bridge Studios in Seattle (ALICE IN CHAINS, QUEENSRYCHE, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, and many more) with long time engineer Arthur Rizk (PRURIENT, POWER TRIP).

On previous news, INQUISITION and ROTTING CHRIST have announced the extensive 'European Bloodshed Rituals' tour for this autumn. The unholy duo will be joined by MYSTIFIER and SCHAMMASCH. See below for a list of all confirmed dates.

Inquisition admat taxi

INQUISITION frontman Dagon commented: "Our 2016 European co-headlining tour marks another journey for INQUISITION that comes with a new album. We take great pride at selecting artists who are willing and have the time and dedication to share the stage with us while considering what should be a ritualistic experience that goes beyond a music event from uprising bands, to the classic ancients all under one shadow. We invite you to witness SCHAMMASCH, MYSTIFIER, ROTTING CHRIST, and INQUISITION on the Bloodshed Rituals 2016 European tour with the intentions of evoking the essence of occult music, while breaking necks in the process of invoking your spirit."

17 Jun 16 Clisson (FR) Hellfest
19 Aug 16 Borre (NO) Midgardsblot Festival (exact date tbc)

10 Aug 16 Perth (AU) Amplifier Bar
11 Aug 16 Melbourne (AU) Max Watts
12 Aug 16 Brisbane (AU) Crowbar
13 Aug 16 Sydney (AU) Newtown Social Club
14 Aug 16 Canberra (AU) The Basement

19 Oct 16 Hamburg (DE) Markthalle
20 Oct 16 København (DK) Beta
21 Oct 16 Berlin (DE) TBA
22 Oct 16 Warszawa (PL) Progresja
23 Oct 16 Katowice (PL) Mega Club
24 Oct 16 Praha (CZ) Storm
25 Oct 16 Budapest (HU) Barba Negra
26 Oct 16 Ljubljana (SL) Gala Hala
27 Oct 16 Salzburg (AT) Rockhouse
28 Oct 16 München (DE) Backstage
29 Oct 16 Brescia (IT) Circolo Colony
30 Oct 16 Lausanne (CH) Les Docks
31 Oct 16 Lyon (FR) CCO
01 Nov 16 Luynes (FR) Le Korigan
02 Nov 16 Madrid (ES) Caracol
03 Nov 16 Barcelona (ES) Apolo 2
04 Nov 16 Toulouse (FR) Metronum
05 Nov 16 Rennes (FR) Ubu
06 Nov 16 Paris (FR) Petit Bain
07 Nov 16 London (UK) Islington Assembly Hall
08 Nov 16 Dublin (IR) Voodoo Lounge
10 Nov 16 Esch-sur -Alzette (LU) Kultur Fabrik
11 Nov 16 Bochum (DE) Matrix
12 Nov 16 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
13 Nov 16 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
14 Nov 16 Weinheim (DE) Café Central


Dagon: guitars, vocals
Incubus: drums

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Thu, May 19 2016: WITHERED

Latest release: "Grief Relic"

Release date: Fri, May 27 2016, US Fri, May 27 2016

American dark extremists WITHERED are now premiering their complete forthcoming album 'Grief Relic', which can be ordered here. The crushing full-length (out worldwide on May 27th) is exclusively streaming via the official premier partners below.

Metal Hammer (DE)
Friedhof Magazine (ES)
Inferno (FI)
Horns-Up (FR)
Rock Overdose (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Andfari (IS)
Rock Hard (IT)
Lords of Metal (NL)
Kvlt (PL)
Terrorizer (UK)

WITHERED comment: "We finally get to offer the full landscape of 'Grief Relic' to everyone. Each song plays a unique role in the flow of this record and, coupled with the existential themes, it offers quite a journey for listeners who are ready. It was designed for this purpose. There is a lot of WITHERED subtlety in the details so we are very curious to see how it impacts listeners as they become more intimate with it and take in the entire piece of music as an experience and concept."



  1. Leathery Rind
  2. A Realm of Suffering
  3. Withdraw
  4. Feeble Grasp
  5. Husk
  6. Downward
  7. Distort, Engulf
  8. To Glimpse Godliness

Withered bandpic

Beau Brandon: drums
Colin Marston: bass
Ethan McCarthy: guitar, vocals
Mike Thompson: guitar, vocals

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Thu, May 19 2016: NUMENOREAN

Upcoming release: "Home"

Release date: Fri, Jul 22 2016, US Fri, Jul 22 2016

Canadian post-black metal shooting stars NUMENOREAN have unleashed the first mesmerizing song taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Home', which will be out in stores worldwide on July 22nd and can be pre-ordered here. The title-track "Home" is now exclusively streaming via the official media partners below.

Metal Hammer (DE)
Rockzone (ES)
Inferno (FI)
VS-Webzine (FR)
Rock Overdose (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Andfari (IS)
Metalitalia (IT)
Never Mind The Hype (NL)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Loud (PT)
Terrorizer (UK)
Decibel Magazine (US)

Regarding 'Home', vocalist and guitarist Byron Lemley comments on behalf of NUMENOREAN: "Our title track 'Home', along with most of the album, sounds like the darkest and most heart wrenching parts of LIFELOVER, DEAFHEAVEN and HYPOTHERMIA, mixed with the progressive atmospheric metal of ENSLAVED and AGALLOCH. All of this thrown into a melting pot with complete vocal vulnerability has created something we never thought possible. This song is a very essential starting point and glimpse into the entirety of emotional ups and downs this album has to offer over the course of its 44 minute journey into the abyss."

NUMENOREAN are simultaneously revealing artwork and tracklist of 'Home', which can be viewed below.



  1. Home
  2. Thirst
  3. Shoreless
  4. Devour
  5. Laid Down

The cover art will come as a shock to many, which is surprisingly not the intention. The best explanation for this particular choice of cover art and the meaning behind this record are provided by NUMENOREAN: "Our album revolves around the idea of 'loss' and a longing for something that we as humans will never achieve. We are all empty and broken in some form or another, so we look for fulfilment through things like money, sex, relationships, drugs, religion, and a variety of other things but, in the end, we ultimately remain void of any true happiness. Perhaps what we are really searching for is the innocence that we once had as a child. However, since we are incapable of ever getting that back, the only place we can perhaps find this comfort once more is in death. The little girl on the cover represents this final resting place for us – beyond our existence in this world. The title of the album sums it up once you realize that she does not have to go through all the pain and sorrow of becoming an adult. 'Home' evokes this melancholic blissful state within the listener and as you spend more time becoming familiar with her picture, you begin to see the music reflecting in her face seemingly close to smiling. Collectively we thought it was important to choose an image that established the language of the album as well as something that would allow the listener to begin their experience before even hearing the first song. It is not vague, it is sincere and dangerously straight to the point. The album is meant to be listened to as an entire journey that transforms you from start to finish and although the lyrics vary on different aspects of loss, all five song titles represent the succession of one's life. 'Home': Born into the world with complete innocence. 'Thirst': Searching for answers in questions that life has given you. 'Shoreless': Feelings of hopelessness. 'Devour': Willingly letting life destroy you. 'Laid Down': Making peace with what you have become and surrendering yourself to the great nothingness."

The alternative slipcase cover is shown here below.

Numenorean cover

Brandon Lemley: vocals
Byron Lemley: guitar, vocals
Roger Leblanc: guitar, vocals
Rhys Friesen: bass, vocals
David Horrocks: drums, vocals

Numenorean bandphoto 1

Furthermore, the band has announced the first shows in support of their new album. More dates will be announced soon!

12 May 16 Calgary, AB (CA) Good Luck Bar (+Summering)
13 May 16 Calgary, AB (CA) The Palamino (+Wake, The Weir, Spurn)
02 Jun 16 Calgary, AB (CA) Broken City (+Kataplexis, Oxeneer)
25 Jun 16 Calgary, AB (CA) The Legion (+Deafheaven )
04 Jul 16 Calgary, AB (CA) The Palomino (+Fall of Rauros, Wayfarer)
05 Jul 16 Vancouver, BC (CA) The Hindenburg (+Fall of Rauros, Wayfarer)
06 Jul 16 Victoria, BC (CA) Intrepid Theater (+Fall of Rauros, Wayfarer)
06 Aug 16 Calgary, AB (CA) Dickens (+Altar of Grief, Krepitus)

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Thu, May 19 2016: GRAVE DESECRATOR

Upcoming release: "Dust To Lust"

Release date: Fri, Jun 17 2016, US Fri, Jun 17 2016

GRAVE DESECRATOR have revealed the second brutal track taken from their forthcoming album 'Dust to Lust', which will hit stores on June 17th in Europe and July 1st in the US. 'Dust to Lust' can still be pre-ordered here. The song "A Witching Whore" is now exclusively streaming via the official media partners listed below. (DE)
Pitchline Zine (ES)
Kaaoszine (FI)
La Grosse Radio (FR)
Metalpaths (GR)[LIEN ]
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Rock Hard (IT)
Zware Metalen (NL)[LIEN ]
Eternal Terror (NO)
Kvlt (PL)
Loud (PT)
Zero Tolerance (UK)

Guitarist and vocalist Butcherazor comments on behalf of the band: "The track 'A Witching Whore' is based on a narrative about a mystical and unknown character from Rio de Janeiro in the XVIII Century, known as 'Bárbara dos Prazeres' ('Barbara of the Delights'). She was probably an even more gruesome and bloody Brazilian version of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory. We are the first band to evoke Bárbara's memory in music. She was a famous prostitute in Rio at the time, yet over the years she grew depraved. In witchcraft and black magic she found a possible solution to bring her once splendorous beauty back: virgin blood! Barbara was responsible for bloodbaths sacrificing hundreds of newborn children. We are musically expressing all the torments this woman carried out on her victims with harsh riffs dragged from a devastating foundation, an outstanding guitar solo, as well as highlights reflecting the apex of pain. Even most people living in Rio have not heard about this horrendous story. This veiled secrecy and dark contrast with open and 'sunny' Rio that most of you might associate with this city give the essential grey touch to this song. Embark onto this journey, where death is certain, but can come painfully slow."

The artwork of 'Dust to Lust' has been created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak (MAYHEM, WATAIN, GHOST, ZHRINE) and can be viewed below.



  1. Intro (Dust To Lust)
  2. Temple Of Abominations
  3. Funeral Mist
  4. Gods Of Death
  5. A Witching Whore
  6. Host Desecration
  7. Anathema Bloodlust
  8. Bleed For Worship
  9. Memento Mori
  10. One More Soul
  11. Mephistophallus In Occultopussy
  12. Perpetual Oath

Grave desecrator bandphoto

Current line-up
Butcherazor: guitars & vocals
Black Sin and Damnation: guitars
Élson "El" Necrogoat: bass

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Thu, May 19 2016: SINISTRO

Latest release: "Semente"

Release date: Fri, Apr 08 2016, US Fri, Apr 08 2016

Dutch cult show 3VOOR12 is currently audio streaming the celebrated SINISTRO concert at this year's edition of Roadburn Festival. You can listen to the performance of the Portuguese ambient doom rockers here. The band has recently released its latest dark melancholic masterpiece 'Semente'. The album is still available from the Season of Mist shop. Continue reading for more details and tourdates.

SINISTRO have released their latest dark melancholic masterpiece 'Semente' on April 8th. The album is still available from the Season of Mist shop and streaming in full via Bandcamp and YouTube.

Artwork and tracklist of 'Semente' can be viewed below.



  1. Partida
  2. Estrada
  3. Corpo Presente
  4. Semente
  5. Relíquia
  6. A Visita
  7. Fragmento

Sinistro picture roadburn

Patricia Andrade - vocals
Y - guitar
F - bass, keys
R - guitar
P - drums

Sinistro live:
20 Aug 16 Porto (PT) Amplifest
23 Sep 16 Wroclaw (PL) Asymmetry Festival

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Thu, May 19 2016: SHINING

Latest release: "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends"

Release date: Mon, Apr 20 2015, US Tue, Apr 21 2015

Shining are celebrating 20 years of bleak despair, the end of hope, and vitriolic abuse with a string of special events. The Swedes are now announcing the first dates of a soul wrenching tour joined by Norwegian black metal masters TAAKE in the dark days of December. All confirmed dates are listed below & more shows will be announced in due time.

Shining admat

All dates with Taake
02 Dec 16 Berlin (DE) TBA
04 Dec 16 London (UK) Underworld
08 Dec 16 Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) Kulturfabrik
09 Dec 16 Bochum (DE) Matrix
10 Dec 16 München (DE) Backstage

SHINING Festival Shows
18 Jun 16 Dessel (BE) Graspop Metal Meeting
03 Dec 16 Leeuwarden (NL) Neushoorn (Into Darkness Festival)

SHINING will tour in support of their latest release 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends', which is still available in various formats from the SEASON OF MIST shop as well as streaming in full via Bandcamp and YouTube.

Artwork and track-list of ''IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends' can be viewed below.



  1. Den Påtvingade Tvåsamheten
  2. Vilja & Dröm
  3. Framtidsutsikter
  4. Människotankens Vägglösa Rum
  5. Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna
  6. Besök Från I(ho)nom

Shining logo

Current line-up
Niklas Kvarforth - vocals
Peter Huss - guitars
Euge Valovirta – guitars

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Thu, May 19 2016: SOLSTAFIR

Latest release: "Ótta"

Release date: Fri, Aug 29 2014, US Tue, Sep 02 2014

SÓLSTAFIR are still on the road in Europe to perform their latest album 'Ótta' in its entirety with a string quartet, including members of HEXVESSEL, THE OCEAN and Martin Curtis-Powell on electric piano. The second part of the evening will be filled with fan favourites. All remaining dates are listed below.

Solstafir admat

19 May 16 Aarau (CH) KiFF
20 May 16 Wörgl (AT) Komma
21 May 16 Wien (AT) Arena
22 May 16 Praha (CZ) Palac Akropolis

28 May 16 München (DE) Rockavaria Festival
24 Jun 16 København (DK) Copenhell
07 Jul 16 Neskaupstaður (IS) Eistnaflug
08 Jul 16 Neskaupstaður (IS) Eistnaflug

Solstafir copenhell

SÓLSTAFIR are touring in support of their highly acclaimed fifth full-length 'Ótta', which is still available in various formats from the Season of Mist shop and streaming in full here.

The amazing cover art by Icleandic star photographer RAX aka Ragnar Axelsson and tracklist for 'Ótta' can be viewed below.



  1. Lágnætti
  2. Ótta
  3. Rismál
  4. Dagmál
  5. Miðdegi
  6. Nón
  7. Miðaftann
  8. Náttmál

Solstafir bandphoto

Live line-up
Aðalbjörn Tryggvason: guitar, vocals
Svavar Austmann: bass
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson: guitar
Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson: drums

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Thu, May 19 2016: GORGUTS

Latest release: "Pleiades' Dust"

Release date: Fri, May 13 2016, US Fri, May 13 2016

Canadian death metal pioneers GORGUTS have just released their mind-blowing EP 'Pleiades' Dust' worldwide. The new masterpiece can be bought on our official e-store or can be streamed in full here. Continue reading for more details!

GORGUTS mastermind Luc Lemay previously stated: "We have been looking forward a long time to share this new journey into uncharted musical territory with you. I could hardly be more proud of this ambitious composition. The theme of a long forgotten library makes a story of beauty and fascination. I like to see this work as a tribute to those great minds of an ancient civilisation, their books and history. These three items have long held my own curiosity and interest for many years. I hope you enjoy this."

GORGUTS have previously revealed the artwork of 'Pleiades' Dust', which was created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak (MAYHEM, ZHRINE, GHOST, WATAIN). The cover and tracklist can be viewed below.



  1. Pleiades' Dust

Gorguts bandpicture

Luc Lemay: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Colin Marston: Bass
Patrice Hamelin: Drums

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Thu, May 19 2016: SYLVAINE

Latest release: "Wistful"

Release date: Fri, May 13 2016, US Fri, May 13 2016

SYLVAINE has just released her highly anticipated new album 'Wistful' worldwide. The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist's brand new opus is also directly available from Season of Mist and streaming here. Continue reading for more details and tour dates!

SYLVAINE previously commented: "To me 'Wistful' is an album holding extremely personal moments and conveys a heightened state of alienation, frustration, and resignation, partially as a result of loosing contact with the known, while big changes were occurring in my life during 2014. The record showcases a more focused expression, with songs that all relate to one another in a more natural way than on my first full-length 'Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart', getting me closer to what I imagined to be the sound of SYLVAINE when I started the project. Now I am already working on my third album, but cannot wait to see what people will make of this dark, lush piece that comforted me on those days when I felt the most lost some years ago."

Artwork and tracklist of 'Wistful' can be viewed below.



  1. Delusions
  2. Earthbound
  3. A Ghost Trapped In Limbo
  4. Saudade
  5. In The Wake Of Moments Passed By
  6. Like A Moth To A Flame
  7. Wistful

Sylvaine bandpicture

Sylvaine: vocals, synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, percussion

Hear the new songs live at one of the following shows. More tourdates will be announced soon!

18 Jun 16 Carachioi (RO) KrunaVod (Sylvaine and Neige (ALCEST) acoustic show)
20 Aug 16 Alba Iulia (RO) Dark Bombastic Evening

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