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Latest news: Tue, Oct 15 2019

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: GAEREA

Season of Mist are pleased to announce the signing of cathartic black metal outfit GAEREA. The band will release their brand new album via Season of Mist in 2020.

Regarding the signing, the band comments: "The Vortex Society is very pleased to announce that GAEREA has sealed a new record deal with Season of Mist! It’s an absolute honor to join the ranks of such high demanding label and alongside very influential artists who have deserved our absolute respect since the void’s first glimpse of existence. Expect GAEREA’s mental horror at a level never seen before."


GAEREA live 2019
12/10/19 Amplifest 2019, Porto (PT)
16/11/19 Sala Hollander, Sevilla (ES)
17/11/19 Sala Copérnico, Madrid (ES)
22/11/19 Oath Circle Meeting II, Madeira (PT)
30/11/19 Festival Warfest 2019, Figueira da Foz (PT)
01/12/19 La Cave à Rock, Toulouse (FR)
02/12/19 Le Molotov, Marseille (FR)

05/12/19 Spillestedet Stengade, Copenhagen (DK)
06/12/19 1000Fryd, Aarlborg (DK)
07/12/19 Wintermelodei 2019, Munster (DE)
08/12/19 Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE)
09/12/19 Badehaus, Berlin (DE)
10/12/19 Helios37, Cologne (DE)
11/12/19 Kulturclub Schon Schön, Mainz (DE)
12/12/19 Backstage, Munich (DE)
14/12/19 Club Q, Graz (AT)
15/12/19 Viper Room Vienna, Vienna (AT)
16/12/19 Center mladih Koper, Koper (SI)
18/12/19 Le Grillen, Colmar (FR)
19/12/19 Patronaat Haarlem, Haarlem (NL)
20/12/19 De Pit / Podium in Terneuzen, Terneuzen (NL)
21/12/19 The Underworld, London (UK)

Join GAEREA on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: VOYAGER

Upcoming release: "Colours in the Sun"

Release date: Fri, Nov 01 2019, US Fri, Nov 01 2019

Australian pop/prog sensation VOYAGER are now releasing the next brand new track of their upcoming opus 'Colours in the Sun', which will be released on November 1 via Season of Mist! In celebration, VOYAGER teamed up with Metal Hammer TV for the premiere of 'Entropy' ft. Einar Solberg from LEPROUS.

Read the full feature here!

Watch the video HERE.

Vocalist Danny comments on the video: "Touring with Leprous around Europe and Australia, we became good friends with the guys - they are fantastic musicians and fantastic human beings. Einar has one of the most unique styles and grasp for vocal melodies in progressive music today and it would have been remiss of me not to ask him to guest on this track. I gave Einar free reign to do what he wanted - a risky move usually, but not with Mr Solberg. The result is stunning - a truly catchy Voyager track with some soaring Solberg - it doesn't get better than that!

Einar comments on the track:“I was super happy to participate on “Entropy” with my good friends from Voyager. Very groovy stuff! Danny gave me some guidelines for vocals but I didn’t even listen to them."

Danny continues: "I can confirm that Einar definitely didn't listen to the reference track". #surprisevocals"

VOYAGER have previously revealed the artwork and track-list of 'Colours in the Sun', which can both be viewed below.



  1. Colours
  2. Severomance
  3. Brightstar
  4. Saccharine Dream
  5. Entropy
  6. Reconnected
  7. Now or Never
  8. Sign of the Times
  9. Water Over the Bridge
  10. Runaway

'Colours in the Sun' is available for pre-ordering here.

Join VOYAGER on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: CLOAK

Upcoming release: "The Burning Dawn"

Release date: Fri, Oct 25 2019, US Fri, Oct 25 2019

American blackened rockers CLOAK are premiering the third track from their new album 'The Burning Dawn' which is set for worldwide release on October 25. The song "A Voice in the Night" is now streaming via the Season of Mist YouTube channel.

Check out the music video here.

CLOAK comment: "'A Voice In The Night' is a song about following the road of true freedom, which in turn is a road of constant strife. It's about venturing into the darkest corners of this doomed world and carving your own path until the end. This song is dedicated to those who have heard this voice, and those especially who were brave enough to heed its call."

The artwork of 'The Burning Dawn' has been created by Adam Burke and can be viewed below, together with the tracklist.



  1. March Of The Adversary
  2. The Cleansing Fire
  3. A Voice In The Night
  4. Tempter’s Call
  5. Into The Storm
  6. Lifeless Silence
  7. The Fire, The Faith, The Void
  8. On Poisoned Ground
  9. Where The Horrors Thrive

'The Burning Dawn' can be pre-ordered in the Season of Mist shop.

Join CLOAK on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: CANNABIS CORPSE

Upcoming release: "Nug So Vile"

Release date: Fri, Nov 01 2019, US Fri, Nov 01 2019

Stoner death metal icons CANNABIS CORPSE are now releasing the third new track, taken from their upcoming album 'Nug So Vile', which will be released on November 1, 2019. CANNABIS CORPSE teamed up with Dope Magazine for the new offering, which comes in the form of a horror music video.

Watch the clip here!

Phil Hall comments on the track: "Here it is folks! I am thrilled with how amazing this horror music video came out, I absolutely love what David Brodsky has done with our concept. It has the perfect old school vibe. This is exactly what Cannabis Corpse has tried to achieve since day one and it has finally come to fruition. Feast your eyes on true stoner terror!"

CANNABIS CORPSE have previously revealed the artwork and track-list of 'Nug So Vile', which can both be viewed below.



  1. Conquerors of Chronageddon
  2. Nug So Vile
  3. Blunt Force Domain
  4. Cylinders of Madness
  5. Blasphemy Made Hash
  6. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary
  7. Edibles Autopsy
  8. Dawn of Weed Possession
  9. The Cone is Red
  10. The Ultimate Indicantation

'Nug So Vile' is available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist shop.

Join CANNABIS CORPSE on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: BASK

Upcoming release: "III"

Release date: Fri, Nov 08 2019, US Fri, Nov 08 2019

Psychedelic rock formation BASK have teamed up with The Obelisk for the premiere of the song "Three White Feet". The track is taken from the band's new album 'III', which will be released worldwide on November 8 via Season of Mist. Listen to the song at the link below.

Check out the feature HERE.

BASK comment: "We are excited to bring you 'Three White Feet,' a song of devotion and revenge. It's track one on our upcoming album 'III,' and the first to take shape during the writing process."

The cover artwork and tracklist of 'III' can be found below. The artwork was created by Adam Burke.



  1. Three White Feet
  2. New Dominion
  3. Stone Eyed
  4. Rid of You
  5. Noble Daughters I: The Stave
  6. Noble Daughters II: The Bow
  7. Maiden Mother Crone

'III' is available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist shop.

Join BASK on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: ESOTERIC

Upcoming release: "A Pyrrhic Existence"

Release date: Fri, Nov 08 2019, US Fri, Nov 08 2019

Dark experimental doom band ESOTERIC have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to release a track teaser for "Rotting in Dereliction". The teaser is an edited version of the full song which can be found on the upcoming album 'A Pyrrhic Existence'. The release date of the record is slated for November 8, via Season of Mist.

Listen to the track here.

The band comments: "The album continues with 'Rotting In Dereliction,' bringing together all of the contrasting elements ESOTERIC are known for. From ugly dissonance to harmony, from funereal dirges to bursts of speed and complex, interwoven melodies, as the band delves further into the pains of existence."

The artwork and tracklist of 'A Pyrrhic Existence' can be found below. The cover artwork was created by Lisa Schubert.




  1. Descent
  2. Rotting in Dereliction
  3. Antim Yatra


  1. Consuming Lies
  2. Culmination
  3. Sick and Tired

'A Pyrrhic Existence' is available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist shop.

Join ESOTERIC on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: PROFANATICA

Latest release: "Rotting Incarnation of God"

Release date: Fri, Oct 11 2019, US Fri, Oct 11 2019

Blasphemous black metal legion PROFANATICA are streaming their entire new album 'Rotting Incarnation of God', which was released on October 11th.

Listen to the new offering in full via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel at the link HERE!

The artwork of 'Rotting Incarnation of God' has been created by Paolo Girardi and can be viewed together with the track-list below.



  1. Liturgy of Impurity
  2. Prayer in Eclipse
  3. Broken Jew
  4. Washed in the Blood of Lord
  5. Sacramental Cum
  6. Mocked, Scourged and Shit Upon
  7. Tithing Cunt
  8. Rotting Incarnation of God
  9. Eucharist In Ruin
  10. In My Kingdom

PROFANATICA have previously announced new European tour dates for this November. The rampage will kick off at the Mörtelwerk in Leipzig (DE), and travel throughout 12 more countries before a final curtain the Temple venue in Athens (GR). A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

01 Nov 19 Leipzig (DE) Mörtelwerk
02 Nov 19 Berlin (DE) Nuke Club
03 Nov 19 Rostock (DE) Zwischenbau
04 Nov 19 Arhus (DK) HQ
05 Nov 19 Hamburg (DE) Markthalle
06 Nov 19 Kassel (DE) Goldgrube
07 Nov 19 Antwerp (BE) Het Bos
08 Nov 19 Dordrecht (NL) Bibelot
09 Nov 19 Paris (FR) Winter Rising Fest
10 Nov 19 Rennes (FR) Mondo Bizarro
11 Nov 19 Bilbao (ES) Edaska Pub
12 Nov 19 Barcelona (ES) Rocksound
13 Nov 19 Toulouse (FR) Les Pavillions Sauvages
14 Nov 19 Como (IT) Centrale Rock Pub
15 Nov 19 Pescara (IT) Scumm
16 Nov 19 Naples (IT) First Floor Club
17 Nov 19 Bologna (IT) Alchemica Club
18 Nov 19 Linz (AT) Kapu
19 Nov 19 Zurich (CH) Ebrietas
20 Nov 19 Nürnberg (DE) Golden Nugget
21 Nov 19 Prague (CZ) 007 Club
22 Nov 19 Gliwice Mrowisko (PL) Black Silesia Fest
23 Nov 19 London (UK) Amersham Arms
24 Nov 19 Athens (GR) Temple

'Rotting Incarnation of God' is available in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

Join PROFANATICA on their official Facebook page.

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Tue, Oct 15 2019: HEILUNG

Latest release: "Futha"

Release date: Fri, Jun 28 2019, US Fri, Jun 28 2019

Enigmatic world music outfit HEILUNG will be embarking on a long-awaited North American headlining tour, making it their first ever live appearances in the states and Canada! Tickets are available now.

Speaking of the tour, HEILUNG comments: "Heilung is proud to announce our first tour in North America. Like our forefathers 1000 years ago, we will cross the ocean and set foot on the land they called Vinland. Come join the ritual."

HEILUNG will be touring in support of their 2019 release, 'Futha,' which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Heatseeker charts and #4 on the Billboard World Music Charts, placing on a total of seven Billboard charts within the first week of its release.


HEILUNG North American Dates:
01/11: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
01/13: Portland, OR @ The Roseland Ballroom
01/17: Denver, CO @ The Ogden Theater
01/20: Chicago, IL @ The Vic
01/22: Washington, DC @ The Fillmore Silver Spring
01/24: New York, NY @ Webster Hall (Ballroom)
01/26: Montreal, QC @ MTELUS

'Futha' is still available in the Season of Mist shop.

Join HEILUNG on their official Facebook page.

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