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Tue, Mar 15 2011: MINUSHUMAN

Slight change of plans for French metallers MINUSHUMAN: contrary to what was previously announced, their sophomore album, initially scheduled for a June 20th release in Europe, will actually hit European stores on August 19th ...and American stores on August 23rd! The delay is due to the album turning out to be so good that it had to be released internationally. You will understand it's worth the wait when you hear it!

"We often state that things are moving continuously. Well it's precisely the case here, and it's for the best", lead guitarist and composer Thomas Billerey comments. "The release date of our new album has been changed for the best possible reason: we are heading to a worldwide release, including North America! Thank you so much to all of our fans and followers for their patience, we swear that they won't have waited in vain."


MINUSHUMAN recently posted a video trailer for the forthcoming album on YouTube.

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