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Tue, Apr 12 2011: FREE NECROPHAGIA MP3

Latest release: "Deathtrip 69"

Release date: Mon, May 16 2011, US Tue, May 17 2011

MP3 - NECROPHAGIA - Deathtrip 69 - Deathtrip 69

"Deathtrip 69", the new album of Gore Metal pioneers NECROPHAGIA, will hit the stores on May 16th (one day later in the US).Download the title track of the album for free!



  1. Naturan Demonto
  2. Beast with Feral Claws
  3. Tomb with a View
  4. Suffering Comes in Sixes
  5. A Funeral for Solange
  6. Kyra
  7. Bleeding Eyes of the Eternally Damned
  8. Trick R' Treat (The Last Halloween)
  9. Deathtrip 69
  10. Death Valley 69

"Deathtrip 69" will be released as a limited digipak edition with bloodpak and a black "vinyl style" disc. Available for pre-order on Season of Mist's e-shop!

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