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Wed, Mar 20 2013: THE OLD DEAD TREE

Latest release: "The Blossom"

Release date: Mon, Mar 04 2013, US Tue, Jun 18 2013

As previously announced, French dark metallers THE OLD DEAD TREE are reuniting this year to mark the 10th anniversary of their iconic debut full-length, ‘The Nameless Disease’. To celebrate, the band will perform the album in its entirety at Hellfest this June and is currently booking a French tour. But there’s more…

Sold-out for a couple years and now hard to find on CD, ‘The Nameless Disease’ has been made available again digitally, in a special “10th Anniversary Edition” with brand new cover artwork and no less than seven bonus demo tracks. You can purchase it from iTunes or from your usual digital store. Watch the video clip of “It Can’t Be!” on YouTube.

Still want more? Alright, then you will sure love what’s next. To really please their fans and make sure their whole catalogue is available, THE OLD DEAD TREE unearthed a long-lost gem… Frontman Manuel Munoz explains: “We finally accepted to dive deep through the roots of THE OLD DEAD TREE and dig out our very first EP, ‘The Blossom’. Only 1.400 copies were made back in 1999, so in order not to seriously annoy the lucky owners of the original CD version, we and Season of Mist decided to re-release it as an exclusive digital edition. ‘The Blossom’ is 4 songs composed and recorded by 4 friends just before one of them decided to give up with life. A bittersweet memory…”

‘The Blossom’ is available on iTunes and on all digital platforms.



  1. It's The Same For Everyone
  2. The Dark Missionary
  3. Chained To Life
  4. Last Sigh

THE OLD DEAD TREE’s last two albums, ‘The Perpetual Motion’ and ‘The Water Fields’, are available on CD at mid-price on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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