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Tue, Nov 06 2012: RAGE NUCLEAIRE

Latest release: "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred"

Release date: Fri, Oct 19 2012, US Tue, Nov 06 2012

MP3 - RAGE NUCLEAIRE - Unrelenting Fucking Hatred - Violence Is Golden

As previously announced, RAGE NUCLÉAIRE’s debut album is entitled “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”. Thrust by the vocals of former CRYPTOPSY frontman Lord Worm, this raw manifesto of Black Metal hits North American stores today!



  1. Violence Is Golden
  2. Hunt with Murderworms, Sculpt with Flies
  3. The Gift of the Furnace
  4. Fields of the Crucified
  5. Endziel
  6. The Sorrow Children at Mourningside
  7. 30 Seconds in the Killhouse
  8. Unrelenting Fucking Hatred
  9. The Gallows and the Black Coffin
  10. The Feeding Habits of Homo Horriblis

"Unrivalled in its mercilessness and the portrayal of uncontrollable outbursts of hatred." - 7/7 Metal Hammer Germany

“One of the surprises of the year in the Black Metal fold.” - 8/10 Rock Hard Italy

“’Unrelenting Fucking Hatred’ pulls no punches, an amalgamation of guitar, drums, and electronics, creating a barrage that’s equal parts Immortal and Anaal Nathrakh.” - Terrorizer

“Unrelenting Fucking Hatred” is available on CD, as well as a 2-LP edition strictly limited to 300 copies. Both versions can be ordered through Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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