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Mon, Oct 24 2016: REPLACIRE

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of REPLACIRE. The American technical metal prodigies from Boston, Massachusetts will release their sophomore album on the label.


Regarding their signing, REPLACIRE comment: "With such an eclectic and talented roster of bands, it makes perfect sense for REPLACIRE to find our home at Season of Mist. We are extremely proud to be part of such a professional and knowledgeable team of dedicated people. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us."


Guitarist and founding member Eric Alper furthermore reveals the following about their forthcoming album: "Our goal was to be heavier, darker, and faster than on our debut. The new material has a more cerebral edge and different layers that reveal themselves only with multiple spins. Above all, our material must be completely compelling to us while writing, recording, and with every performance. We believe that bands operating in such a space create the most captivating music and that is exactly where we want to be."

REPLACIRE are the brainchild of guitarist Eric Alper, who founded the band in 2010. The American tech metal prodigies from Boston, Massachusetts issued their debut self-released full-length 'The Human Burden' in 2012. The album's unique and wide-ranging material was an ambitious statement of intent that quickly established the band as a must-follow heavy act in their corner of the US. REPLACIRE pushed the boundaries by touring extensively throughout the Northeast and supporting such heavy-weights as BEYOND CREATION, HATE ETERNAL, MISERY INDEX, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN among others.

Eric Alper - guitar
Zach Baskin - bass
Evan Berry - vocals
Poh Hock - lead guitar (live)
Kendal "Pariah" Divoll - drums (live)

Currently REPLACIRE are preparing for the challenge to take the obvious next step and enter the international metal scene beyond the already heavily buzzing underground.

Join REPLACIRE on their official Facebook page!

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