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Tue, Mar 04 2014: XMAS COMPETITION

Satan Claus’ Christmas competition on Season of Mist’s website ended on December 31st, 2013. We are sorry it took so long to announce the answers and pick the winners, but there were so many entries this year that it took longer than it should have. Thanks to all contestants who participated and sent us their answers, but there could only be so many winners a day…

Here is the list of all 31 questions featured in Season of Mist’s 2013 December calendar, with their respective answers:

01) ROTTEN SOUND "Species at War"
Q: ROTTEN SOUND originate from which country?
A: Finland

02) KOLDBRANN "Vertigo"
Q: The Norwegian name of KOLDBRANN translates into English as...?
A: Gangrene

03) SEPTICFLESH "Mystic Places of Dawn"
Q: In which year was "Mystic Places of Dawn" originally released?
A: 1994

04) DISPERSE "Living Mirrors"
Q: For which song off "Living Mirrors" did DISPERSE release a video clip?
A: “Enigma of Abode”

05) COMPLETE FAILURE "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault"
Q: How many members are in the line-up of COMPLETE FAILURE?
A: 4

06) ROTTING CHRIST "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy"
Q: What does "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy" mean?
A: Do What Thou Wilt

07) IMPERIUM DEKADENZ "Meadows of Nostalgia"
Q: IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have been inspired by which ancient empire?
A: The Roman Empire

08) KEN mode "Entrench"
Q: For which Canadian music award have KEN mode been nominated recently?
A: Western Canadian Music Awards

09) PHILIP H. ANSELMO/WARBEAST "War of the Gargantuas"
Q: How many tracks on this split EP are from Phil Anselmo’s band?
A: 2

10) THIS MISERY GARDEN "Cornerstone"
Q: In which year was THIS MISERY GARDEN founded?
A: 2005

11) ANCIIENTS "Heart of Oak"
Q: ANCIIENTS hail from which city?
A: Vancouver

12) WARBEAST "Destroy"
Q: How many stars are in the flag of WARBEAST's home State?
A: 1

13) CHAOSTAR "Anomima"
Q: Name the main composer of CHAOSTAR and his other great band.
A: Christos Antoniou, SEPTICFLESH

14) ARCKANUM "Fenris Kindir"
Q: ARCKANUM dedicate their new album to which type of wild animal?
A: Wolf

15) THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT "Tetragrammaton"
Q: Which member of the Dutch group deals with howling insanity?
A: Robin Kok

16) KYLESA "Ultraviolet"
Q: How many KYLESA records has Season of Mist released?
A: 3 - “Spiral Shadow”, “From the Vaults, Vol. 1”, “Ultraviolet”

17) SETH "The Howling Spirit"
Q: SETH were founded in which French city?
A: Bordeaux

18) NECRONOMICON "The Rise of the Elder Ones"
Q: What is The Witch doing in NECRONOMICON?
A: He is the guitarist and vocalist.

19) SEPTICFLESH "Esoptron"
Q: Who created the artwork of the new "Esoptron" reissue?
A: Seth “Siro” Anton / Spiros Antoniou

20) PHILIP H. ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS "Walk through Exits Only"
Q: What is the title of the fourth song on "Walk through Exits Only"?
A: “Usurper Bastard’s Rant”

21) BLACK SHEEP WALL "It Begins Again"
Q: What is the name of the bass player in BLACK SHEEP WALL?
A: Brandon Gillichbauer

22) GOG "Ironworks"
Q: Where did GOG mastermind Michael Bjella record "Ironworks"?
A: In a late 19th century blacksmith shop

23) GORGUTS "Colored Sands"
Q: Name the remaining original member of GORGUTS?
A: Luc Lemay

24) TWILIGHT OF THE GODS "Fire on the Mountain"
Q: Name at least one other band for each member of TWILIGHT OF THE GODS?
A: For example: Alan Averill (PRIMORDIAL), Patrik Lindgren (THYRFING), Rune Eriksen (AVA INFERI), Frode Glesnes (EINHERJER), Nick Barker (LOCKUP)

Q: The Tower" was recorded in which studio?
A: Conclave & Earshot Studios, Bergen, Norway

26) NECROPHOBIC "Womb of Lilithu"
Q: Name the two founding members of NECROPHOBIC?
A: Joakim Sterner and David "Blackmoon" Parland

27) INQUISITION "Obscure Verses for the Multiverse"
Q: How many members does INQUISITION have?
A: 2 (Dagon and Incubus)

28) SEPTICFLESH "Ophidian Wheel"
Q: Who is singing the soprano voice on "Ophidian Wheel"?
A: Natalie Rassoulis

29) CRONIAN "Erathems"
Q: CRONIAN is the project of which two musicians?
A: Øystein G. Brun and Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund

30) ENDSTILLE "Kapitulation 2013"
Q: In which Black Metal act was Zingultus singing before ENDSTILLE?
A: Nagelfar

31) EXIVIOUS "Liminal"
Q: Name at least one other/former band for each member of EXIVIOUS.
A: For example Tymon Kruidenier (ex-CYNIC), Michel Nienhuis (DODECAHEDRON), Robin Zielhorst (ex-CYNIC), Yuma van Eekelen (ex-PESTILENCE)

The winners will be informed by email and their names will be posted on Season of Mist’s Facebook page.


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