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Fri, Feb 06 2015: SEASON OF MIST

Season of Mist has moved! After an exhaustingly hot 10-days phase of no internet access, tons of goods and furniture packed, moved, and unpacked as well as assembled again, our office and warehouse have found a new home. Read a statement of Season of Mist CEO Michael Berberian and find our new address and logo below.

"We had outgrown our old locations a long time ago", states Season of Mist CEO Michael Berberian. "My decision to move goes back some years, but there was always an extra obstacle delaying the final step. In the end it took us forever to obtain the construction permit and there were a million other glitches – yet now here we are! I am glad that we are at long last set up in a place that is functional and will help to improve our customer service to a new level. Now this company has room to grow again and we hope that you will keep following us along the way."


New office, new look. We have used this opportunity to change our visual appearance with a new company logo designed by house artist Adrien Bousson. We hope you like it. The old letters will be gradually phased out and replaced by the new design. Check out the new logo below.


You can now find us at this new address:

Season of Mist
Heliopolis II
Boulevard Bara - Lot B4
Marseille 13013

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