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Tue, Nov 22 2016: E-KUNST

Poster art is alive and well! Season of Mist is proud to introduce E-Kunst, a new web shop for all heavy music related art.


Spearheaded by legendary studios like Hipgnosis, and immortal trailblazers like Warhol, Mapplethorpe, and Giger, it has been a long path to rock and roll acquiring its status as legitimate art. It took a while for extreme music to get there too. From the hair metal days to the variety of styles in contemporary heavy music, it's been a long journey. This scene - our scene - is burgeoning with interesting artists and heavy metal is well represented at poster art events (i.e. SXSW's Flatstock etc.) all over the world.

E-kunst artwork

The launch of E-Kunst will not go unnoticed, as a big sale has been announced starting right now until Cyber Monday (November 28) 2016 with a 20% discount on the entire shop. Visit the E-Kunst Shop for more info!

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