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Tue, May 06 2014: SHINING

At long last, Season of Mist is thrilled to welcome extreme metal lunatics SHINING to the roster! SHINING is made of mastermind Niklas Kvarforth (vocals, concept, guitars) and his “toolbox”: Rainer Tuomikanto (drums), Christian Larsson (bass), Euge Valovirta (guitar), and Peter Huss (guitar). The Swedes’ forthcoming ninth full-length should hit the stores early 2015.

Frontman Kvarforth issued the following statement about the signing: “After a long period of negotiations and discussions that lasted almost eight years, I have now chosen to grant Season of Mist the privilege of releasing the next SHINING album. We have also once again decided to work with Andy La Roque and record at his Sonic Train facilities. The ceremony is set to begin in September, and thus my ninth child can be expected in early 2015.”


The pioneers of what is today referred to as “suicidal black metal”, SHINING has been spreading chaos and mayhem throughout the planet since 1996. With eight highly acclaimed albums behind them, and 70+ members fired between the years 2002 and 2011, SHINING has finally found a line-up that has lasted longer than two years. Now the band is fully prepared to shed some genuine darkness into an otherwise shallow scene that relies mostly on overused theatrics and the camouflage offered by alter egos.

“It has cost us a lot doing what we do, but it has all been worth it. We are now a fantastic constellation that is able to put on the kind of show that I’ve been striving for since the very day I gave birth to this sick child of mine nearly two decades back”, says Kvarforth.

Shadowed by controversy and “scandals”, SHINING appears, on the surface at least, to have had a rather tough time over the last couple of years, but the band shrugs it all off with nonchalant ease as largely rumour mongering and single eye-witness reports that have very little basis in fact. Not only is a SHINING show executed with almost excessive perfection, but it is also a must for everyone who longs for something darker and more sinister than that which is provided by run-of-the-mill Black Metal bands. It’s not a coincidence SHINING has been acclaimed as the Guns N’ Roses of the extreme metal community!

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