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Wed, Apr 10 2013: WARBEAST

Latest release: "Destroy"

Release date: Fri, Apr 12 2013

US thrashers WARBEAST just released their brand new, horror-flick inspired music video for the track “Blood Moon”. The song is cut from their new album ‘Destroy’, to be released this Friday. You can watch the video on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.

The video tells the terrifying story of Gnmange', a tormented werewolf, and his need to exist. It was directed by Mike Holderbeast of Cement Level Studios NOLA, known for his recent work with DOWN. The video features the acting talents of WARBEAST guitarist Scott Shelby and slain victims Amber Michelle and Sarah Vaz, and features special effects work by Molly Federline.

As the star of the video, guitarist Scott Shelby was able to experience all of the video’s special effects and behind the scenes tricks first-hand. “First, director Mike Holderbeast came to our rehearsal space at Zativa Studios in Texas. There, we filmed the jamming parts of the video in front of black screens and green screens. Next came the werewolf part, which had me going to New Orleans to Mike’s place. I followed his directing tips in order to become and transform into the Beast with professional makeup artist and lots of blood. We filmed in the French quarters and step by step did the transformation - ripping flesh, growing teeth, and turning into the Beast which had been caged and taunted by two beautiful women. The Beast eventually slaughters both of them in this classic horror film metal video! “Blood Moon” is a special song to me because I wrote it years ago. Bringing it back to life with WARBEAST is an honor and long overdue. Plus, Bruce put his horror movie lyrics to it, which are the icing on the cake. This is a great song and a dream come true for Bruce and I. Mike Holderbeast is a master at his art as you will see in this awesome video. Enjoy and slash and thrash!”



  1. Cryogenic Thawout
  2. Nightmares in the Sky
  3. Egotistical Bastard
  4. Nobody
  5. The Day of...
  6. Warbeast
  7. Blood Moon
  8. War of the World
  9. Destroy
  10. Nameless

‘Destroy’ is available on Season of Mist’s e-shop as CD and LP.

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