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Thu, Apr 29 2010: WATAIN GOES GOLD!

Upcoming release: "Reaping Death" (7" single), "Lawless Darkness" (CD Digipak)

Release dates: April 30th (7"), June 7th (album)

Black kings WATAIN's single CD "Reaping Death", exclusively distributed in Sweden via Sweden Rock Magazine, got certified gold by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry on April 21st! Season of Mist congratulate the band and the magazine for having sold 10000 discs in two weeks.

Frontman Erik comments on this achievement: "No matter how awkward it feels to be a part of the materialistic record business, and even more so being rewarded by its filthy capitalistic measures, we will still accept this award with a poisoned smile. The same smile with which we have kissed your sons and daughters with "Reaping Death". We see this disc of gold as a trophy, a trophy of a successful hunt for their souls."


The 7" picture disc version of the "Reaping Death" single will be officially out tomorrow, on Walpurgisnacht. You can order it on Season of Mist's e-shop.

On other news, Erik made the following statement about the participation of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM's legend Carl McCoy to the song "Waters of Ain", on the upcoming "Lawless Darkness" album:

"Needless to say perhaps, but having Carl McCoy participating on the album is a great honour. To us it means a collaboration between two seemingly different but in essence very much alike forms of artistry; the rare kind that aims -and manages- to channel that primordial spark of divinity that permeates all the great works of history. Carl's work has always been genuinely linked to spirituality and dark perfection, and this is why we felt it would be a perfect match. We were right."

"Lawless Darkness" will be released on June 7th, in a limited 3-panel Digipak edition with die-cut and the cover of DEATH SS' "Chains of Death" as bonus track.

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