Gorguts (Death Metal)


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The long-awaited new album ‘Colored Sands’ is death metal of the highest order from the one of the genre's most revered and influential bands.

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“Even in times when complicated, busy death metal is accepted (more now than ever before), Gorguts floors everything on Colored Sands. They just think differently than most, refusing to ape their peers (and themselves) when ideas run dry. There’s space, a sense of economy, of unbridled chaos opening up for brief moments to allow for introspection. And then it comes. The quirky, skronky movements. The chug of chugs behind serpentine riffs. In short, it’s challenging—mentally and instrumentally—but superb example of death metal living and breathing, thinking.” - Decibel

"Colored Sands fuses darkness and light like all of Gorguts’s best material, which is enough to put Colored Sands in the early running for best metal release of 2013. Listen." - Stereogum