Contemporary Extreme Metal - Netherlands

Autarkh Band

From the fertile grounds of Tilburg, The Netherlands rises new contemporary metal outfit AUTARKH, a group of musical extremists that keep pushing the boundaries of the auditory senses. AUTARKH is the brainchild of Michel Nienhuis, founding member and composer/guitarist of DODECAHEDRON.

Death and illness was closing in on DODECAHEDRON, revealing that a transformation of concept was necessary in order to effectuate artistic development. AUTARKH is built on the artistic foundation of DODECAHEDRON but expands on new horizons in regard to vocal and rhythmic content.

Teaming up again with record label Season Of Mist and booking agent Doomstar bookings, the band is bound to carve their own path and ignite a new flame within the landscape of the heavy music industry. Embracing a clear vision on extravert and introvert expressions AUTARKH desires to speak to their audience on multiple levels.

AUTARKH is currently working on a 10-track debut album that explores the implementation of electronic beats within the spectrum of extreme metal and revolves around spiritual growth and the inner self. The album will be released in 2021 on Season Of Mist records.


  • Michel Nienhuis : Vocals, Guitar, Bass
  • David Luiten : Vocals, Guitar
  • Tijnn Verbruggen : Sound Synthesis
  • Joris Bonis : Production
Posted on June 25, 2020

Season of Mist are pleased to announce the signing of Dutch Extreme Metal outfit AUTARKH. The band will release their debut album in 2021.

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