Heavy Modern Thrash - France

Furia Band

Born in June 1997, FURIA created a melodic, modern and heavy Thrash/Death Metal where sharp riffs, shingling rhythmic and symphonic or mechanic keyboards illustrated the various legends populating the conceptual world of the formation. From May 1998 to March 1999, FURIA recorded two demos and started touring France extensively. The band then recorded a four-song mini-CD entitled “Le Jardin dEden” (“The Garden of Eden”), which would later be re-recorded upon the release of their first album “A la Quete du Passe” (“At the Search of the Past”), September 2001.

After a year spent on tour, FURIAs sophomore album “Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang” (“A Lake of Tears and Blood”) came out in April 2003. Setting up a true lyrical concept, this musical epic can be listened to as a movie soundtrack. Doubt, sadness and hope are feelings that hustle one another in this saga guided by heavy and efficient riffs, cleverly integrated majestic keyboards and alternatively screamed and clear vocals. This album was the start of the bands strong will to give an impressive visual side to their live shows.

In 2004, FURIA released a box entitled “La Source Noire” (“The Black Spring”) containing a full show on DVD shot by six cameras, a remastered version of the first album and a novel based on the concept of the band written by keyboardist Medhi. Following another long and successful tour, the second part of 2004 was totally dedicated to the writing of the bands third album.

During the summer of 2005, founding member Sebastien left the band, which allowed guitarist Stephane to step in, bringing to the team his great musical skills and stage experience. From then on, FURIA was definitively back ! First with an appearance on Fury Fest 2005s main stage (along with SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, DIMMU BORGIR, ANTHRAX and many others) for a tremendous show in front of 2.000 people, then with the release of a brand new mini-CD titled “Rebirth”, containing four brand new songs and four videos. Two of the songs are featured on the new album, while the two others remain exclusive tracks.

After a two month recording session, we now release the full length album “Kheros”. While “Rebirth” was an introduction to FURIAs new sound, this release confirms the thrashier, more direct and more modern sound !


  • Damien Paquet : Vocals
  • Mickael Vallesi : Guitar
  • Julien Nicolas : Drums
  • Mehdi Khadouj : Keyboards
  • Stephane Legrand : Lead Guitar
  • Guillaume Maucelli : Bass

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.