Oak, Ash & Thorn

Blackened Pagan Power Metal - United States

Oak, Ash & Thorn Band

Out of Denver, Colorado, from along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Oak, Ash & Thorn arose with a collective passion for heavy metal and a shared pagan worldview.

Inspired by the likes of Týr, In Flames and Immortal, the band released their first album in 2018. May Every Altar Linger established a patented blend of anthemic riffs, athletic drumming and dueling clean vocals and death growls. In 2021, their EP To Gaze on Stars of Frost refined their sound further. Fabian Jiru of Trollfest handled production duties so masterfully that he was brought back for their next EP Eternal, which was released by Lost Future Records.

In 2024, Lost Future released Oak, Ash & Thorn’s second album. Our Grief is Thus is a monumental record. While loosely constructed as a concept record, the songs are tighter but also push beyond the band’s pagan roots and blackened death metal foundation by pulling from the galloping energy of crust punk, power metal’s soaring triumph and the unconventional melodies of progressive rock. Each one deals with grief in some fashion. “Dying Culture” is about the decay of tradition by way of urbanization and generational decline. “Light My Pyre” tackles betrayal and the dissolution of friendship. “Auras” deals with the erosion (and rejuvenation) of honor and identity in the face of withering familial ties.

Oak, Ash & Thorn recorded the album in Ft. Collins, Colorado, at the Blasting Room, which was founded by Black Flag and Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson. Our Grief is Thus marks the first time in the band’s history that they have walked out of a studio with an album fully representing their vision.

The end result is a powerful, unique sound that is fully their own, as melodic and memorable as it is heavy and crushing.

Now, Oak, Ash & Thorn are taking the next step in their journey by signing with Season of Mist. As they continue to tour in support of their latest album, the band will begin writing what’s bound to be a highly-anticipated follow-up.

Photo by Tony Gomez @ Shoot & Destroy Photography


  • Jason Harding : Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Erik Hoffman : Bass
  • Cierra White : Drums
  • Adam Armstrong : Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Date Venue City Country Info Ticket
August 2nd, 2024 Mad With Power Festival Madison, WI United States   Buy Ticket
October 4th, 2024 The Roxy Denver United States  
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