Heavy Metal - France

Syrinx Band

With Henri (vocals) and Xavier (guitars) on the basis, SYRINX were grounded in 1994. Together they formed several groups with which they gave live shows. Later on, when Jean-Charles (bass) and Momo (drums) joined permanently, SYRINX focussed on only heavy metal. In 1999 keyboards were added to their music, and it is Enzo who completed the line-up. SYRINX are our first contribution to the realm of Heavy Metal. Musically aiming to be worthy of comparison with the likes of (technical bands like) Watchtower or Dream Theater, the result is very convincing and far more original than most Melodic Heavy Metal bands around. Who thinks Heavy Metal is stuck to the 80s and cant evolve?


  • Henri Ebeyer : Vocals
  • Xavier Richez : Guitars
  • Jean-charles Ciffreo : Bass
  • Jean-charles Ciffreo : Bass
  • Lahouari Belarbi : Drums
  • Serge Santaliestra : Keyboards

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.