ALKALOID – The Malkuth Grimoire – December 12, 2017

Posted on December 12, 2017

More information about The Malkuth Grimoire

German and Dutch progressive extremists, ALKALOID will re-issue their originally self-released debut full-length, ‘The Malkuth Grimoire’ for the first time on vinyl in various limited colours on February 9th, 2018. As an introduction to the band, we are offering a track at the link below.

You can now listen to ‘Alter Magnitudes’ via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel here!

Cover artwork and details of ‘The Malkuth Grimoire’ are shown below.

  1. Carbon Phrases
  2. From a Hadron Machinist
  3. Cthulhu
  4. Alter Magnitudes
  5. Orgonism
  6. Dyson Sphere
  7. The Malkuth Grimoire
  8. C-Value Enigma
  9. Funeral for a Continent

‘The Malkuth Grimoire’ LP can now be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

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