Paul Masvidal Endorsed By Keisel Guitars

Posted on January 10, 2024

Cynic has endured more than its fair share of ups and downs. The progressive metal pioneers have weathered hurricanes, teenage angst, homophobia and the tragic loss of their legendary rhythm section. But through it all, Paul Masvidal has stood as a trailblazer for the electric guitar. Today, he’s being recognized with an endorsement from Kiesel Guitars.

While alien to the scene back when Cynic first started in the early ’90s, the way Masvidal fuses extreme technical thrashing with jazzy, harmonic grooves now holds a heavy influence over the world of metal. His first forays with headless guitars date back to his time in Death. That he’s still finding new ways to break boundaries with these beauties has helped launch today’s headless boom.

Along with Cynic, Masvidal also plays in Æon Spoke, as well as his own solo projects. Wherever he might be, he’ll now be carrying Kiesel’s vast array of headless electric and acoustic-electric guitars.

“I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work with Paul and look forward to a very bright and creative future together”, says Vice President Jeff Kiesel.

“I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Kiesel Guitars,” Masvidal says. “The potential for creativity and exploration inspires me greatly. Our goal is to push boundaries and create innovative instruments that will hopefully inspire musicians worldwide to create more art!”

Cynic recently released Uroboric Forms, a compilation that collects the seminal demos from their groundbreaking debut Focus.


  1. Uroboric Forms (03:48)
  2. The Eagle Nature (03:28)
  3. Pleading for Preservation (05:03)
  4. Lifeless Irony (04:08)
  5. Thinking Being (04:53)
  6. Cruel Gentility (04:32)
  7. Denaturalizing Leaders (03:47)
  8. Extremes (02:30)
  9. A Life Astray (02:45)
  10. Agitating Affliction (03:39)
  11. Once Misguided (03:00)
  12. Weak Reasoning (03:38)
  13. Dwellers of The Threshold (03:59)
  1. Uroboric Forms (Alternative Version)
  2. The Eagle Nature (Alternate Version)
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