DEFILED Begin Japanese Tour

Posted on September 15, 2023

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After 30 years, Defiled are still shredding at the highest level. Japan’s deadliest dealers of old-school death metal have been melting friendly faces all over their home country with legends like Vader and Exhumed.

Now, Defiled are stepping out on their own headlining tour of Japan. They’ll play eight shows across their home country, starting tonight when they co-headline Tokyo with the always confrontational noise excavator Merzbow.

Defiled will be playing songs off their new album ‘The Highest Level’, which Blabbermouth dubbed “mandatory listening” for fans of classic death metal.

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Stealth Tour Dates 2023
09/15 Tokyo @ earthdom w/ Merzbow, Nepenthe’s, Hebi Katana [TICKETS]
09/16 Kofu @ Bodega East w/ Blastman, Avodo
09/17 Choshi @ Gare w/ Morbid Axe, Corbata, Pyschedelic Grinder, Distenper
09/18 Machida @ Classix w/ H81, Death From Above, In For The Kill, Someold, Arise In Stability, Lardass, Hydrophobia [TICKETS]
10/06 Asahikawa @ Mosquito w/ Satanic Hell Slaughter, Goreflix, Motiveless, God Mountain [TICKETS]
10/07 Sapporo @ Crazy Monkey w/ No More Pain, Rose Rose, Zombie Ritual [TICKETS]
10/08 Okinawa @ Remy’s w/ Zero Sen, Hebi Katana, As Alliance, B5P, Rum Rangers [TICKETS]
10/09 Naha @ Soundsgood w/ Harakiri Zombie, Gyakuki, Shitva, Distenper [TICKETS]

  1. Off-limits
  2. Stealth
  3. The Highest Level
  4. Entrapped
  5. The Status Quo
  6. Warmonger
  7. Demonization
  8. Inquisition
  9. Madness Accelerated
  10. Delusion
  11. Only the Strongest Survive
  12. Red World
  13. The Last Straw
  14. Requiem
  15. The Speech
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