The Devil’s Trade release live video for ‘Dead Sister’

Posted on September 24, 2020

More information about The Call of the Iron Peak

Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is now streaming a brand new live video for the highly emotional track ‘Dead Sister’, taken from the album ‘The Call of the Iron Peak’. The video was recorded during the very special release show of the one man’s act in Budapest (HU) last month. You can now watch the video via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE

THE DEVIL’S TRADE comments on the video: “After a seven months long hiatus in playing live especially in these times of uncertainty and resignation stepping on a stage was such a moving experience! I know I am amongst the luckiest musicians to have the chance to do what I love the most and can’t thank enough the people who made this possible. The venue Dürer kert is one of the last independent underground facilities in Hungary that is home for so many musicians and music lovers since 2008. It is now the next victim of the greed of our government. Not only do we have all these beautiful memories of the concerts of the bands we admire or our own shows but a few hundred bands had their rehearsal places and studios here. Both of the last two The Devil’s Trade albums got recorded here. This place was a shelter for us but we have to move out and the venue has a hopeless future too. The release show of ‘The Call Of The Iron Peak’ was the last one for me there.”

  1. The Iron Peak
  2. Dead Sister
  3. III
  4. No Arrival
  5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
  7. Három Árva
  8. Eyes in the Fire
  10. Dreams from the Rot
  11. The Call of the Iron Peak
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