The Devil’s trade release new Industrial track ft. John Connor

Posted on February 17, 2021

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Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE has teamed up with industrial noise artist JOHN CONNOR (LLNN) to collaborate on a new creative approach for the track ‘Dead Sister’. With the incorporation of dark beats and other electronic additions, a new sonic version was born; ‘Dead Sister Merope’! You can now listen/watch the new offering, which comes in the form of a music video, HERE.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE comments on the collaboration: “Only a handful of bands create such worlds I can relate to and when I saw LLNN in Budapest a few years ago I immediately became a fan so when Rasmus and Ketil asked me about their new electronic project, John Connor, I had a very hard time not to act like a crazy fanboy. Being a singer songwriter without a band I can build my songs up to a certain level but never to its full potential. They built it to a higher level where I am not able to go alone and where it became bigger than just a song.”

JOHN CONNOR comment on the collaboration: “With admiration for sci-fi music composers such as Alex North (Stanley Kubrick, 2001 – A Space Odyssey), Jóhan Jóhannsson (Denis Villeneuve, Arrival) and of course Brad Fiedel (James Cameron, Terminator) our creative approach was to launch “Dead Sister” into space and in orbit. To create “something else” light years apart from the original. Though still by maintaining the integrity and sincerity of the vocals. We’ve been enjoying the music from The Devil’s Trade for quite some time now, so it’s been a great experience to finally be working together. It’s an interesting match of musical expressions formed by the same DNA.”

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