Exocrine Blast Off On “Legend”

Posted on November 1, 2023

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EXOCRINE have blending ultra technical and extraordinarily rapid death metal with philosophical musings for quite some time now. The French band released their first album back in 2015. But their new album marks a new chapter. While still choked-full of eerie, dissonant finger-taps and enough blast beats to blow out your eardrums, ‘Legend’ rages from within.

“We see ‘Legend’ as a reflection of our existence, of what we create, and what we wish to leave of ourselves in the end”, says lead guitarist Sylvain Octor Perez. “It’s this Dante-like confrontation between these three characters in complete opposition, combined with questions about the lessons of the past and our place in the universe.That’s why we wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere with a more organic production, and return to calmer tempos at times.”

Today, Exocrine are releasing the chilling video for the album’s title track.

Watch: https://youtu.be/A8fhLMXnghI

“Legend is a new chapter for Exocrine and we’re eager to introduce you to it. It’s probably the album we’re most proud of, it’s also our most personal one”, says Sylvain. “It’s a more ‘airy’ album, allowing the cinematic side of our music to express itself more fully. But we’re staying true to what defines us, going as fast as ever and trying to reinvent ourselves in terms of the technical aspects of our style.”

Legend comes out January 26, 2024.

Pre-order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/Exocrine-Legend
Pre-save: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/list/exocrine-legend

Video credits
Accessories: Sieriek Bouten
Camera: Benoit Laporta
Make-up: Marine Fassot
Actress: Alban Ldl

  1. Presage
  2. Legend
  3. Life
  4. Eidolon
  5. The Altar Of War
  6. Dust In The Naught
  7. Warlock
  8. Dragon
  9. The Oath
  10. By The Light Of The Pyre
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