FLOOR – Oblation – July 1, 2014

Posted on July 1, 2014

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Critically acclaimed Miami trio FLOOR (Steve Brooks [also of TORCHE], Anthony Vialon, Henry Wilson) have a track featured in a new spot for the fourth season of the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network show “Superjail!”. A trailer which features FLOOR’s “The Key” can be found here.

“The Key” was taken from FLOOR’s critically acclaimed new album, ‘Oblation’. The album, which has been heralded as “an album that no doubt will be talked about all year” by Metal Injection, is available for purchase on the Season of Mist shop.

  1. Oblation
  2. Rocinante
  3. Trick Scene
  4. Find Away
  5. The Key
  6. New Man
  7. Sister Sophia
  8. The Quill
  9. Love Comes Crushing
  10. War Party
  11. Homegoings And Transitions
  12. Sign Of Aeth
  13. Raised To A Star
  14. Forever Still
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