Foscor Release New Single

Posted on December 11, 2023

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It’s been four long years since we’ve heard from Foscor. The Catalonians released their last album in the fall of 2019. Despite rave reviews, including a 5-star review from Metal Hammer, touring was cut short before the band could even step foot on the open road after COVID-19 shuttered the world into lockdown.

But Foscor have never stopped growing. While their name still means “darkness”, the band have shifted out from the shroud of second wave black metal that ushered in their first two albums. Today, they’re returning with “Solitud”, an unreleased song that drifts deeper into clean vocals and heavy melancholic riffs.

Listen to “Solitud”:

“Solitud” was originally recorded during the sessions for Els Sepulcres Blancs, but the song encapsulates the prevailing loneliness of the pandemic. The chorus crushes you softly with its distorted melody and bottomless bass drones.

“The song itself offers a vital closure”, says Foscor. Still, “Solitud” ends on a hopeful note. Gliding above an acrobatic guitar solo, the vocals – sung in the band’s native tongue – are clean and light as a feather.

“This song is a proper way to close that album cycle before definitely facing and closing the trilogy initiated in 2017 with Les Irreals Visions. It reminds us the spark to enlighten the future…the one that we have never walked alone. A brand new chant from the past, looking toward a final chapter, surrounded by tragic darkness.

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