Necrowretch Release Ruthless Video for “Vae Victis”

Posted on February 29, 2024

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Since their creation, Necrowretch have proudly carried the mark of the beast. A decade ago, these devil worshippers emerged alongside the old school death metal revival. But their new album casts the French band in a bigger, blacker and more Satanic mold.

“Any move toward what’s considered true black metal is a good thing and Necrowretch stride with furious momentum in that particular direction”, writes Black Metal Terror. “These are the fabled days of world end and I can think of no finer record to track the sound of it all than Swords of Dajjal“.

Swords of Dajjal is out now. To celebrate the mass fanfare that has greeted their latest offering, today, Necrowretch are releasing a new video for one of the album’s deeper cuts.

Watch the raw and ruthless video for “Vae Victis”:



While forged with newfound mysticism, Swords of Dajjal was drawn from real life experience. Living in Turkey during the tail end of the last decade inspired Necrowretch’s lead swordsmith Vlad to create their new album in the splitting image of the Antichrist. Each song warns of a harrowing prophecy brought down by Dajjal, who reigns fire over “Vae Victis”.

“Woe to the vanquish!” snaps Vlad, brandishing his pale but bloodied fangs.

Indeed, “Vae Victis” is pure savagery. The blast beats waste no time, galloping ahead like the horsemen of the apocalypse through a sandstorm. But Necrowretch can slice and dice from all angles. Walls of trembling, melodic distortion close in, only for the band to sneak up and crush you with a headbanging riff that swings with all the brute force of a scepter.

“Malheur aux vaincus!” Vlad says in greetings of his band’s new single. “History testifies that only the strongest survive and that prophetic wisdom still continues in the world we are living in. ‘Vae Victis’ is based on the story of the sack of Rome in 390 BC, where the Gauls defeated the Romans and imposed their conditions on the vanquished. In torment and disgrace, only the ruthless man, the survivor, can become a king. In chaos and torment, only the lawless man, the compeller, can become the bestower of Life and Death”.

The video for “Vae Victis” was filmed in Paris. It was edited and directed by Mounir Chraibi.

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