PSYGNOSIS Shine on New Single “Eclipse”

Posted on August 17, 2023

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PSYGNOSIS are light-years ahead of the curve. Not only do this extreme metal band bypass vocals entirely, they also include a cellist.

Their new album ‘Mercury’ finds the French quartet venturing deeper into the solar system. Watch the interstellar video for second single “Eclipse” on our YouTube channel HERE.

“Eclipse” reveals just how far Psygnosis can bend extreme metal. The song opens as if floating through deep space, deathly quiet except for a few scattered piano twinkles. But over the next 10 minutes, the band build speed, pulling supersonic bass and balletic cello bends into their orbit. When the blast beats kick into high gear and the riffs start to go haywire, the band burn through the atmosphere like a rocket ship.

‘Mercury’ comes out on September 15. Pre-order the album HERE. Pre-save it HERE.

Here’s what Psygnosis have to say about “Eclipse”: “This is the first track we composed for the album and represents the different contrasts in Psygnosis’ music very well. It’s a journey through atmospheric and melodic parts, blended with heavy riffs. We hope you will enjoy this one as much as we do.”

  1. Öpik-Oort (12:33)
  2. Eclipse (10;38)
  3. Sunshine (08:57)
  4. Caloris Basin (08:43)
  5. Uranometria (15:27)
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