ROTTING CHRIST – AEALO – July 25, 2018

Posted on July 25, 2018

More information about AEALO

In celebration of the re-release of the album ‘AEALO’, Greek metallers ROTTING CHRIST have unveiled a brand new lyric video for the track “Pir Threontai”. Watch the video below.

Check out the lyric video at the official Season of Mist Youtube channel here

The cover artwork and album details of ‘AEALO’ can be viewed below

  1. Aealo
  2. Eon Aenaos
  3. Demonon Vrosis
  4. Noctis Era
  5. dub-sag-ta-ke
  6. Fire Death and Fear
  7. Nekron Iahes...
  8. ...Pir Threontai
  9. Thou Art Lord
  10. Santa Muerte
  11. Orders from the Dead

‘AEALO’ is available in the Season of Mist shop in various formats.

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