ROTTING CHRIST Pledge Unyielding Pagan Might On Saoirse

Posted on March 28, 2024

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It’s time to unleash the beast, as ROTTING CHRIST unleashes Saoirse, the latest single from their forthcoming 14th studio album – the monumental Pro Xristou. A 35-year-strong journey through the catacombs of extreme metal spearheaded by the inimitable brothers Sakis and Themis Tolis gives you the backdrop of what should rightly be anticipated.

A renewed testament to their extraordinary craftsmanship lies in Pro Xristou, an album dedicated to the last Pagan kings, the unsung stewards of ancient values and knowledge, standing resilient against the deteriorating wave of Christianity. Saoirse, Gaelic for ‘Freedom’, embodies the call to freedom sounded by these guardians of olden wisdom. As deep and resonant as it is, the track takes you through the album’s core inspiration – the glorification of ‘before Christ’ traditions.

Saoirse – emblematic of the album’s overarching concept – becomes a manifestation of ROTTING CHRIST‘s evolution and their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. Expect a melodic symphony punctuated with moments of raw, unyielding harshness – a signature of the band’s unique style captured in a fresh light. Produced and recorded at Deva Sounds Studios in Athens, Greece, the song, like the album, teems with resounding choirs and histrionic atmospheres, drawing listeners into the rich tapestry of their audacious offering.

Watch the video for Saoirse:

Pro Xristou comes out May 24 on Season of Mist.



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