syk Ignite a Sonic Revolution with “the Cross”

Posted on March 26, 2024

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Avant-garde metal warriors SYK are back again, paving their path through the wilderness of conventional music with the release of their latest single, the Cross. This latest revelation takes a leap forward from their groundbreaking first single, eartHFlesh, leading listeners deeper into the intellectual labyrinth they’ve crafted.

Rich with their signature sonic experimentation, SYK infuses the spirit of revolt into the Cross, creating an auditory manifesto that goes straight for the jugular of mainstream monotony. Channeling raw energy and existential despair, the single is a potent mix of SYK’s merciless creative tirade and masterful storytelling.

The playthrough video format peels back the layers of production to reveal the beating heart of creation – the band, in their elemental form, channeling the chaos and precision of their craft directly to the viewer. Here, within the flickering shadows and stark light, the raw, unadulterated essence of SYK’s rebellion is laid bare.

Watch the video for the Cross here:

“‘the Cross’ is a symbol of transformation.” Stefano says. “Everything that was sublime in order to achieve a new mental universe. This song is about leaving all the cancerous concepts we accepted and ingested from society in order to create something better for each creature existing on earth. Violence is for criminals and perverted minds. Organized violence is for Nations led by criminals.”

“The rage into the song is directed to all those leaders that are leading us to a quick destruction. Not just for ourselves, but also for all those creatures that has nothing to do with our unstableness.”

eartHFlesh is out May 10 on Season of Mist.

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Praise for syk

“Surreal heavy metal…we just haven’t heard anything even remotely like this before” – New Noise 

“Akin to Meshuggah ripping on Black Sabbath’s bong with a shot of noise rock to wash it down” – Metal Hammer

“In the higher ranks of experimental, mathematical metal” – mxdwn

Early praise for eartHFlesh

“I haven’t heard an album that is this punishing, but also as intelligent as it is. Much of the album is reflective of formidable and burdensome guitar rhythms, and the band melds these bloody and raw abstract shapes into energetic omnipotence, with the hands of a skilled alchemist. This has to be a contender for “album of the year.” – Metal Temple (10/10)

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