Sylvaine Releases “Eg Er Framand” off New EP

Posted on February 26, 2024

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On her new EP, Sylvaine traces back to her roots in Norwegian folk music. Eg Er Framand was recorded at the Kampen Church in Oslo, where she performed while studying music in high school.

When Sylvaine first heard the title track, it hit her like no other song had before. Since then, she’s shared this song with rapturous audiences everywhere. Today, she’s releasing a new recording of “Eg Er Framand” that finds her searching for a higher, lonely power.

Watch the shadowy and serene visualizer for “Eg Er Framand” :

Eg Er Framand is out March 22 on Season of Mist.


Kathrine Shepard has grown into a guiding light for post-metal. As Sylvaine, her white-hot tremolo picking can ignite the coldest and blackest of hearts. She plays every instrument on Eg Er Framand, but the title track has no enchanting synths or eerie organ hums. Instead, the EP’s emotional centerpiece is solely powered by her otherworldly voice.

Kjaere Herre (Dear being of light)
om eitt eg ber deg (With this I beg of you)
Fylg og lei meg (Take my hand)
fylg og le meg alltid du (Show me the way always you)

Sylvaine holds each note with soft restraint, as if cupped into the palm of her hand, like an offering. Close your eyes and envision her reaching through the trees, into the shadows, as her feet slowly lift off the ground.

“In the spring of 2023, when I had the idea to base this EP around Norwegian Folk music, I knew this song would be its center piece”, Kathrine says. “This song has taken a place deep within my soul. My first meeting with ‘Eg Er Framand’ truly shook me to my core. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to share this incredibly beautiful piece. I have performed ‘Eg Er Framand’ on stages all around the world. Very often, I’ve been met with the exact same intense, emotional response from the audience. I have no idea who wrote this song, but it speaks to the exact same feelings I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to capture with Sylvaine”.

The visualizer for “Eg Er Framand” was created by William Lacalmontie

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