Theodor Bastard sign to Season of Mist

Posted on November 9, 2020

Season of Mist are pleased to announce the signing of Russian Karelian Neofolk outfit Theodor Bastard. The band will release their brand new album via the label.

THEODOR BASTARD comment on the signing: “We are very happy to share this great news with you – Theodor Bastard band has become a part of the world of Season of Mist. It is a very big event for us. Living in the deep of the wild Karelian forests on the edge of the Ecumene, we can now reach the audience all over the world and tell the myths and legends of our North through our music. We thank the whole team of Season of Mist so much. We were an indie band for over 20 years and all our lives we learned and did everything ourselves. From recording albums to selling them. From manufacturing merch to organizing tours. We have a lot of experience in this, but Season of Mist is the first label really attracted us with its concept and its approach. And we entrust them our music and our future. We know that together we can achieve more.”

In further news, Season of Mist are proud to simultaneously announce the release of the re-issues of ‘Vetvi’ (2015) and the recently released masterpiece ‘Volch’ya Yagoda’ (2020)! Listen to the entire THEODOR BASTARD catalogue HERE.

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