Theodor Bastard re-issue ‘Volch’ya Yagoda’

Posted on May 26, 2021

More information about Volch'ya Yagoda

Russian Karelian Neofolk outfit THEODOR BASTARD are now announcing the re-issue of their 2020 masterpiece ‘Volch’ya Yagoda’, which was originally released on April 9 last year. The album will be re-released via Season of Mist on June 25, 2021 in various formats.

THEODOR BASTARD comment on the re-issue: “‘Volch’ya Yagoda’ is the Russian folk name for any poisonous forest berries. But there is a secret in it: the berries are not only poisonous, but also curative – if you know. We are very pleased that the ‘Volch’ya Yagoda’ album will be available to European and global audiences. We hope you can hear and feel a piece of the Karelian forest and indigenous traditions that we have imprinted in our modern sound.”

Pre-orders are now available HERE!

Listen to the entire THEODOR BASTARD catalogue HERE.

  1. Flute Song
  2. Shumi
  3. Skejgored
  4. Urzala
  5. Les
  6. Kamen, Sneg, Metal
  7. Secrety
  8. Requiem
  9. Pozhato
  10. Volchok
  11. Obereg
  12. Fjorn Gaden
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